coll.cite: Constructs a final citation of collector names.

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Uses two of the BRAHMS fields (collector, addcoll). Expects names in both fields to conform to the pattern: "Lastname, A" where A are the list of initials without dots; if no comma present the function assummes all words to be part of the lastname like in: van de Bergh.


coll.cite(collector, addcoll = "", initials = c("none", "before"),
  dots = TRUE)



a name


a name or list of names; may be empty


use 'none' or 'before' to indicate if initials should be used for the citation


boolean; should dots be used to separate the initials?


The 'collector' field must have only one name; the 'addcoll' field may have several names separated by ; or it may be empty. Like in the case of 'collector' a missing comma indicates that all words till the next ; are part of the last name.

Two collector names will be separated by '&'; more than two names will result in a citation with just the (principal) collectors name followed by 'et al.'.


a text


The function does not yet handle any other special cases like including an 'obligatory' second author as permitted in some specimen citations when the author of the treatment is also a secondary collector.

In any case, using this function or editing the final citation manually, the final citation should be in a column called 'collcite'.


Reinhard Simon

See Also

Other helper: is.exsic; is.format; is.sortfilter;

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