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Covariance Estimators


Functions to estimate and robustify the sample mean and covariance of rectangular objects.


covEstimator(x, spec = NULL, ...)
mveEstimator(x, spec = NULL, ...)
mcdEstimator(x, spec = NULL, ...)

lpmEstimator(x, spec = NULL, ...)
slpmEstimator(x, spec = NULL, ...)

kendallEstimator(x, spec = NULL, ...)
spearmanEstimator(x, spec = NULL, ...)

covMcdEstimator(x, spec = NULL, ...)
covOGKEstimator(x, spec = NULL, ...)
shrinkEstimator(x, spec = NULL, ...)
nnveEstimator(x, spec = NULL, ...)



an object of class timeSeries.


unused, may be used to pass information from the portfolio specification object to the mean and covariance estimator function.


optional arguments to be passed to the underlying estimators.


The functions are underlying the following algorithms:

covEstimator uses standard covariance estimation,
mveEstimator uses the function "cov.mve" from the MASS package,
mcdEstimator uses the function "cov.mcd" from the MASS package,
lpmEstimator returns lower partial moment estimator,
kendallEstimator returns Kendall's rank estimator,
spearmanEstimator returns Spearman's rankestimator,
covMcdEstimator requires "covMcd" from package robustbase,
covOGKEstimator requires "covOGK" from package robustbase,
nnveEstimator uses builtin from package covRobust,
shrinkEstimator uses builtin from package corpcor.


the functions return a list with two entries named mu and Sigma. The first denotes the vector of column means, and the second the covariance matrix. Note, that the output of this function can be used as data input for the portfolio functions to compute the efficient frontier.


... for R's MASS package,
... for R's robustbase package,
... for R's covRobust package,
Juliane Schaefer and Korbinian Strimmer for R's corpcor package,
Diethelm Wuertz for this Rmetrics port.


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