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Plot function


This function plots fabMix function.


## S3 method for class 'fabMix.object'
plot(x, what, variableSubset, class_mfrow, sig_correlation, confidence, ...)



An object of class fabMix.object, which is returned by the fabMix function.


One of the "BIC", "classification_matplot", "classification_pairs", "correlation", "factor_loadings". The plot will display the BIC values per model and number of factors (along with the most probable number of clusters as text), a matplot per cluster for the selected model, scatterplots pairs, the estimated correlation matrix per cluster, and the MAP estimate of factor loadings, respectively.


An optional subset of the variables. By default, all variables are selected.


An optional integer vector of length 2, that will be used to set the mfrow for "classification_matplot" and "correlation" plots. By default, each plot is printed to a new plotting area.


The “significance-level” for plotting the correlation between variables. Note that this is an estimate of a posterior probability and not a significance level as defined in frequentist statistics. Default value: NULL (all correlations are plotted).


Confidence level(s) for plotting the Highest Density Interval(s) (as shown via what = 2). Default: confidence = 0.95.




When the BIC values are plotted, a number indicates the most probable number of “alive” clusters. The pairwise scatterplots (what = "classification_pairs") are created using the coordProj function of the mclust package. The what = "correlation" is plotted using the corrplot package. Note that the what = "classification_matplot" plots the original data (before scaling and centering). On the other hand, the option what = "classification_pairs" plots the centered and scaled data.


Panagiotis Papastamoulis


Luca Scrucca and Michael Fop and Thomas Brendan Murphy and Adrian E. Raftery (2017). mclust 5: clustering, classification and density estimation using Gaussian finite mixture models. The R Journal, 8(1): 205–233.

Taiyun Wei and Viliam Simko (2017). R package "corrplot": Visualization of a Correlation Matrix (Version 0.84). Available from

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