Man pages for fbRanks
Association Football (Soccer) Ranking via Poisson Regression

B00_dataMatch and Team Data for B00 Youth Soccer Matches
coef_fbRanksReturn Coefficients from fbRanks Objects
construct_team_fileHelper Function to Construct a Team File
create_fbRanks_dataframesHelper Function to Construct the Scores and Teams Data Frames...
create_newdata_dataframeHelper Function to Replace Team Names in Score File with a...
fbRanks_utility_functionsHelper Functions in the fbRanks Package
plot_fbRanksPlotting function for fbRanks Objects
predict_fbRanksPredict function for fbRanks Objects
print_fbRanksPrinting function for fbRanks Objects
rank_teamsTeam Ranks Via Poission Regression
residuals_fbRanksResiduals function for fbRanks Objects
resolve_team_namesHelper Function to Create Uniform Team Names in Score Data...
scrape_scoresWebscraping Match Scores
simulate_fbRanksSimulate function for fbRanks Objects
team_and_scores_filtersHelper Function to Determine Teams or Scores to Include
team_name_selectHelper Function to Create Uniform Team Names in Score Data...
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