cobre61: Data for Differential Diagnosis for Schizophrenia

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Data for Differential Diagnosis for Schizophrenia


A subset of the COBRE dataset has been retrieved, by querying SchizConnect for 105 patients with neurological and clinical symptoms, collecting also their corresponding diagnosis.




A matrix with 105 rows and 61 columns. Column names are related to different scales for depression and Schizophrenia:


The Simpson-Angus Scale, 7 items to evaluate Parkinsonism-like alterations, related to schizophrenia, in an individual.


The Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale, a set of 29 attributes measuring different aspects and symptoms in schizophrenia.


The Calgary Depression Scale for Schizophrenia, 9 items (attributes) assessing the level of depression in schizophrenia, differentiating between positive and negative aspects of the disease.


The Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-III-R Personality Disorders, with 14 variables related to the presence of signs affecting personality.


if TRUE, the diagnosis is strict schizophrenia.


it TRUE, the diagnosis is other than schizophrenia, including schizoaffective, bipolar disorder and major depression.

In summary, the dataset consists in the previous 59 attributes related to signs or symptoms, and 2 attributes related to diagnosis (these diagnoses are mutually exclusive, thus only one of them is assigned to each patient). This makes a dataset with 105 objects (patients) and 61 attributes to explore. The symptom attributes are multi-valued.

Thus, according to the specific scales used, all attributes are fuzzy and graded. For a given attribute (symptom), the available grades range from absent to extreme, with minimal, mild, moderate, moderate severe and severe in between.

These fuzzy attributes are mapped to values in the interval [0, 1].


Aine, C. J., Bockholt, H. J., Bustillo, J. R., CaƱive, J. M., Caprihan, A., Gasparovic, C., ... & Liu, J. (2017). Multimodal neuroimaging in schizophrenia: description and dissemination. Neuroinformatics, 15(4), 343-364.

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