vegas: Data for Tourist Destination in Las Vegas

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Data for Tourist Destination in Las Vegas


The dataset vegas is the binary translation of the Las Vegas Strip dataset (@moro2017stripping), which records more than 500 TripAdvisor reviews of hotels in Las Vegas Strip. The uninformative attributes (such as the user continent or the weekday of the review) are removed.




A matrix with 504 rows and 25 binary columns. Column names are related to different features of the hotels:

Period of Stay

4 categories are present in the original data, which produces as many binary variables: Period of stay=Dec-Feb, Period of stay=Mar-May, Period of stay=Jun-Aug and Period of stay=Sep-Nov.

Traveler type

Five binary categories are created from the original data: Traveler type=Business, Traveler type=Couples, Traveler type=Families, Traveler type=Friends and Traveler type=Solo.

Pool, Gym, Tennis court, Spa, Casino, Free internet

Binary variables for the services offered by each destination hotel


Five binary variables are created, according to the number of stars of the hotel, Stars=3, Stars=3.5, Stars=4, Stars=4.5 and Stars=5.


The score assigned in the review, from Score=1 to Score=5.


Moro, S., Rita, P., & Coelho, J. (2017). Stripping customers' feedback on hotels through data mining: The case of Las Vegas Strip. Tourism Management Perspectives, 23, 41-52.

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