Man pages for fdaPDE
Statistical Analysis of Functional and Spatial Data, Based on Regression with PDE Regularization

covs.testCovariate test function for the horseshoe domain
create.FEM.basisCreate a FEM basis
create.mesh.2.5DCreate a 'mesh.2.5D' object from the nodes locations and the...
create.mesh.2DCreate a 2D triangular mesh
eval.FEMEvaluate a FEM object at a set of point locations
fdaPDE-deprecatedDeprecated Functions
FEMDefine a surface or spatial field by a Finite Element basis...
FPCA.FEMSmooth Functional Principal Component Analysis
fs.testFELSPLINE test function
horseshoe2DHorseshoe domain
hub2.5DHub domain
image.FEMImage Plot of a 2D FEM object
plot.FEMPlot a 'FEM' object
plot.mesh.2.5DPlot a mesh.2.5D object
plot.mesh.2DPlot a mesh.2D object
quasicircle2DQuasicircle2D domain
quasicircle2DarealQuasicircle2Dareal domain
refine.mesh.2DRefine a 2D triangular mesh
smooth.FEMSpatial regression with differential regularization
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