Man pages for fdaPDE
Functional Data Analysis and Partial Differential Equations; Statistical Analysis of Functional and Spatial Data, Based on Regression with Partial Differential Regularizations

create.FEM.basisCreate a FEM basis
create.MESH.2DCreate a triangular mesh
eval.FEMEvaluate a FEM object at a set of point locations
FEMDefine a surface or spatial field by a Finite Element basis...
image.FEMImage Plot of a FEM object
mesh.2D.rectangularSimple Rectangular mesh
mesh.2D.simpleSimple mesh
MeuseBorderBoundary of the Meuse River data set
MeuseDataMeuse river data set
plot.FEMPlot a 'FEM' object
plot.MESH2DPlot a MESH2D object
refine.MESH.2DRefine a triangular mesh
R_elementPropertiesCompute some properties for each triangular element of the...
R_eval.FEMEvaluate a FEM object at a set of locations
R_eval.FEM.basisEvaluate Finite Element bases and their Derivatives at a set...
R_massCompute the mass matrix
R_smooth.FEM.basisSpatial regression with differential regularization (fully...
R_stiffCompute the stiffness matrix
smooth.FEM.basisSpatial regression with differential regularization:...
smooth.FEM.PDE.basisSpatial regression with differential regularization:... regression with differential regularization:...
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