Man pages for fdrtool
Estimation of (Local) False Discovery Rates and Higher Criticism

censored.fitFit Null Distribution To Censored Data by Maximum Likelihood
dcor0Distribution of the Vanishing Correlation Coefficient (rho=0)...
fdrtoolEstimate (Local) False Discovery Rates For Diverse Test...
fdrtool-internalInternal fdrtool Functions
gcmlcmGreatest Convex Minorant and Least Concave Majorant
grenanderGrenander Estimator of a Decreasing or Increasing Density
halfnormThe Half-Normal Distribution
hc.scoreCompute Empirical Higher Criticism Scores and Corresponding...
monoregMonotone Regression: Isotonic Regression and Antitonic...
pval.estimate.eta0Estimate the Proportion of Null p-Values
pvaluesExample p-Values
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