ffbase: Basic Statistical Functions for Package 'ff'

Extends the out of memory vectors of 'ff' with statistical functions and other utilities to ease their usage.

AuthorEdwin de Jonge, Jan Wijffels, Jan van der Laan
Date of publication2016-03-23 00:29:24
MaintainerEdwin de Jonge <edwindjonge@gmail.com>

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Man pages

all.ff: Summary methods for ff objects

any.ff: Summary methods for ff objects

as.character.ff: Character Vectors

as.Date.ff_vector: Date Conversion Functions for 'ff' vector

as.ffdf.ffdf: Trivial implementation, but very handy

as.ram.ffdf: As ram for an ffdf to get your ffdf as a data frame in RAM

bigglm.ffdf: Bounded memory linear regression

binned_sum: Fast summing in different bins

binned_sumsq: Fast squared summing in different bins

binned_tabulate: Fast tabulating in different bins

byMean: Fast conditional mean

bySum: Fast conditional sum

c.ff: Concatenate 'ff' vectors

chunkexpr: Chunk an expression

chunkify: Chunkify an element-wise function

compact: Compact a ff vector or ffdf data frame

condMean: Fast conditional mean

condSum: Fast conditional sum

cumsum.ff: Cumulative Sums, Products, and Extremes

cut.ff: Convert Numeric ff vector to factor ff

diff.ff: Lagged Differences

droplevels.ff: The function 'droplevels' is used to drop unused levels from...

droplevels.ffdf: The function 'droplevels' is used to drop unused levels from...

duplicated.ff: Duplicated for ff and ffdf objects

expand.ffgrid: Create a 'ffdf' from All Combinations of Factors

ffappend: Append a ff vector to another ff vector

ff_arithmetic: Arithmetic Operators for ff vectors

ffbase-package: Basic statistical functions for ff

ffdfappend: Append a dataframe or an 'ffdf' to another 'ffdf'

ffdfdply: Performs a split-apply-combine on an ffdf

ffdfrbind.fill: rbind for ffdf where missing columns are added if not...

ffdfwith: Evaluate an expression in a ffdf data environment

ffextract: Reading and writing vectors extended to handle logical 'ff'...

ffextractffdf: Reading and writing data.frames (ffdf)

ffifelse: Conditional Element Selection for 'ff' vectors.

ffmatch: Value Matching for ff objects

ff_math: Math for ff vectors

ff_ops: Ops for ff vectors

ffordered: Add the order of a ff vector of the 'ff' vector 'x'

ffrandom: Generate 'ff' vector with draws from distribution

ffrep.int: Replicate Elements of 'ff' vectors.

ffseq: Sequence Generation of 'ff' vectors.

ffseq_len: Sequence Generation of 'ff' vectors.

ffwhich: Create an index from a filter statement

format.ff_vector: Date Conversion Functions for 'ff' vector

grouprunningcumsum: Groups the input integer vector into several groups if the...

hist2d.ff: compute and plot 2 dimensional histogram of ff data

hist.ff: hist for ff vectors

ikey: Creates a unique integer key for unique combinations of rows...

is.na.ff: 'Not Available' / Missing Values for ff vectors

laf_to_ffdf: Use LaF to import data into 'ffdf' data.frame

load.ffdf: Loads ffdf data.frames from a directory

mean.ff: Mean of ff vector

merge.ffdf: Merge two ffdf by common columns, or do other versions of...

min.ff: Minimum, maximum and range of ff vector

move.ffdf: Moves all the columns of ffdf data.frames into a directory

pack.ffdf: Packs ffdf data.frames into a compressed file

pkg-deprecated: Save a ffdf data.frame in directory

quantile.ff: quantiles

rle_ff: Compute the lengths and values of runs of equal values in a...

save.ffdf: Save ffdf data.frames in a directory

set_ffbase_logging: sets the logging of ffbase

subset.ff: Subsetting a ff vector or ffdfdata frame

sum.ff: Sum of 'ff' vector Elements

table: Cross Tabulation and Table Creation

tabulate.ff: Tabulation for ff vectors

transform.ffdf: Transform a ffdf data.frame

unique.ff: Unique values for ff and ffdf objects

unpack.ffdf: Unpacks previously stored ffdf data.frame into a directory

with.ffdf: Evaluate an expression in a ffdf data environment

within.ffdf: Evaluate an expression in a ffdf data environment


abs.ff_vector Man page
acos.ff_vector Man page
acosh.ff_vector Man page
addfforder Man page
all.ff Man page
any.ff Man page
Arithmetic Man page
as.character.ff Man page
as.Date.ff_vector Man page
as.ffdf.ffdf Man page
asin.ff_vector Man page
asinh.ff_vector Man page
as.ram.ffdf Man page
atan.ff_vector Man page
atanh.ff_vector Man page
bigglm.ffdf Man page
binned_sum Man page
binned_sum.default Man page
binned_sum.ff Man page
binned_sumsq Man page
binned_sumsq.default Man page
binned_sumsq.ff Man page
binned_tabulate Man page
binned_tabulate.default Man page
binned_tabulate.ff Man page
byMean Man page
bySum Man page
ceiling.ff_vector Man page
c.ff Man page
chunkexpr Man page
chunkify Man page
compact Man page
compact.ff Man page
compact.ffdf Man page
condMean Man page
condSum Man page
cos.ff_vector Man page
cosh.ff_vector Man page
cummax.ff Man page
cummin.ff Man page
cumprod.ff Man page
cumsum.ff Man page
cut.ff Man page
diff.ff Man page
digamma.ff_vector Man page
droplevels.ff Man page
droplevels.ffdf Man page
duplicated.ff Man page
duplicated.ffdf Man page
expand.ffgrid Man page
exp.ff_vector Man page
expm1.ff_vector Man page
[<-.ff Man page
[.ff Man page
ffappend Man page
ffbase Man page
ffbase-package Man page
[<-.ffdf Man page
[.ffdf Man page
ffdfappend Man page
ffdfdply Man page
ffdfmatch Man page
ffdfrbind.fill Man page
ffdfsave Man page
ffdfwith Man page
ffifelse Man page
ffmatch Man page
ffordered Man page
ffrandom Man page
ffrep.int Man page
ffseq Man page
ffseq_len Man page
ffsorted Man page
^.ff_vector Man page
<=.ff_vector Man page
<.ff_vector Man page
==.ff_vector Man page
>=.ff_vector Man page
>.ff_vector Man page
|.ff_vector Man page
-.ff_vector Man page
!=.ff_vector Man page
!.ff_vector Man page
/.ff_vector Man page
*.ff_vector Man page
\%/\%.ff_vector Man page
\%\%.ff_vector Man page
&.ff_vector Man page
+.ff_vector Man page
ffwhich Man page
floor.ff_vector Man page
format.ff_vector Man page
gamma.ff_vector Man page
grouprunningcumsum Man page
hist2d.ff Man page
hist.ff Man page
ikey Man page
\%in\% Man page
is.na<-.ff Man page
is.na.ff Man page
laf_to_ffdf Man page
lgamma.ff_vector Man page
load.ffdf Man page
log10.ff_vector Man page
log1p.ff_vector Man page
log2.ff_vector Man page
log.ff_vector Man page
Math Man page
max.ff Man page
mean.ff Man page
merge.ffdf Man page
min.ff Man page
move.ffdf Man page
Operators Man page
pack.ffdf Man page
quantile.ff Man page
range.ff Man page
rle_ff Man page
round.ff_vector Man page
save.ffdf Man page
set_ffbase_logging Man page
sign.ff_vector Man page
signif.ff_vector Man page
sin.ff_vector Man page
sinh.ff_vector Man page
sqrt.ff_vector Man page
subset.ff Man page
subset.ffdf Man page
sum.ff Man page
table Man page
table.ff Man page
tabulate.ff Man page
tan.ff_vector Man page
tanh.ff_vector Man page
transform.ffdf Man page
trigamma.ff_vector Man page
trunc.ff_vector Man page
unique.ff Man page
unique.ffdf Man page
unpack.ffdf Man page
with.ffdf Man page
within.ffdf Man page


ffbase/R/ffordered.R ffbase/R/rbind_ffdf.R ffbase/R/binned_sum.R ffbase/R/byMean.R ffbase/R/duplicated.R ffbase/R/subset.R ffbase/R/Summary_ff.R ffbase/R/ffwhich.R ffbase/R/laf_to_ffdf.R ffbase/R/tsum.R ffbase/R/save_ffdf.R ffbase/R/rle_ff.R ffbase/R/pkg.R ffbase/R/cut_ff.R ffbase/R/ffdfsave.R ffbase/R/auxilary.R ffbase/R/as.R ffbase/R/rev_ff.R ffbase/R/tabulate_ff.R ffbase/R/logging.R ffbase/R/ffseq.R ffbase/R/diff_ff.R ffbase/R/quantile_ff.R ffbase/R/binned_sumsq.R ffbase/R/ffdfwith.R ffbase/R/ffappend.R ffbase/R/expand_ffgrid.R ffbase/R/unique.R ffbase/R/hist_ff.R ffbase/R/chunkify.R ffbase/R/ffifelse.R ffbase/R/ffdfdply.R ffbase/R/ffrandom.R ffbase/R/with.R ffbase/R/table_ff.R ffbase/R/compact.R ffbase/R/extract.R ffbase/R/isNA.R ffbase/R/transform.R ffbase/R/merge.R ffbase/R/bigglm.R ffbase/R/ikey.R ffbase/R/droplevels.R ffbase/R/bySum.R ffbase/R/Ops.R ffbase/R/hist2d.R ffbase/R/cumsum.R ffbase/R/ffmatch.R ffbase/R/ffrep.R ffbase/R/binned_tabulate.R ffbase/R/zzz.R ffbase/R/date_formatting.R ffbase/R/mean.R
ffbase/man/ffdfrbind.fill.Rd ffbase/man/binned_sumsq.Rd ffbase/man/save.ffdf.Rd ffbase/man/pack.ffdf.Rd ffbase/man/ff_arithmetic.Rd ffbase/man/ffrandom.Rd ffbase/man/subset.ff.Rd ffbase/man/sum.ff.Rd ffbase/man/duplicated.ff.Rd ffbase/man/table.Rd ffbase/man/move.ffdf.Rd ffbase/man/ffifelse.Rd ffbase/man/as.ffdf.ffdf.Rd ffbase/man/tabulate.ff.Rd ffbase/man/bigglm.ffdf.Rd ffbase/man/ffbase-package.Rd ffbase/man/quantile.ff.Rd ffbase/man/byMean.Rd ffbase/man/with.ffdf.Rd ffbase/man/compact.Rd ffbase/man/as.ram.ffdf.Rd ffbase/man/ffseq_len.Rd ffbase/man/ffappend.Rd ffbase/man/condSum.Rd ffbase/man/chunkexpr.Rd ffbase/man/set_ffbase_logging.Rd ffbase/man/as.character.ff.Rd ffbase/man/hist.ff.Rd ffbase/man/bySum.Rd ffbase/man/all.ff.Rd ffbase/man/grouprunningcumsum.Rd ffbase/man/min.ff.Rd ffbase/man/hist2d.ff.Rd ffbase/man/c.ff.Rd ffbase/man/within.ffdf.Rd ffbase/man/load.ffdf.Rd ffbase/man/unique.ff.Rd ffbase/man/ffseq.Rd ffbase/man/cut.ff.Rd ffbase/man/pkg-deprecated.Rd ffbase/man/ffdfdply.Rd ffbase/man/ffordered.Rd ffbase/man/as.Date.ff_vector.Rd ffbase/man/binned_sum.Rd ffbase/man/mean.ff.Rd ffbase/man/droplevels.ff.Rd ffbase/man/condMean.Rd ffbase/man/ffdfappend.Rd ffbase/man/cumsum.ff.Rd ffbase/man/format.ff_vector.Rd ffbase/man/transform.ffdf.Rd ffbase/man/ffrep.int.Rd ffbase/man/ffdfwith.Rd ffbase/man/expand.ffgrid.Rd ffbase/man/unpack.ffdf.Rd ffbase/man/is.na.ff.Rd ffbase/man/ffextractffdf.Rd ffbase/man/ff_ops.Rd ffbase/man/ffextract.Rd ffbase/man/any.ff.Rd ffbase/man/droplevels.ffdf.Rd ffbase/man/binned_tabulate.Rd ffbase/man/ffmatch.Rd ffbase/man/ikey.Rd ffbase/man/ffwhich.Rd ffbase/man/merge.ffdf.Rd ffbase/man/chunkify.Rd ffbase/man/laf_to_ffdf.Rd ffbase/man/diff.ff.Rd ffbase/man/rle_ff.Rd ffbase/man/ff_math.Rd

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