Man pages for ffbase
Basic Statistical Functions for Package 'ff'

all.ffSummary methods for ff objects
any.ffSummary methods for ff objects
as.character.ffCharacter Vectors
as.Date.ff_vectorDate Conversion Functions for 'ff' vector
as.ffdf.ffdfTrivial implementation, but very handy
as.ram.ffdfAs ram for an ffdf to get your ffdf as a data frame in RAM
bigglm.ffdfBounded memory linear regression
binned_sumFast summing in different bins
binned_sumsqFast squared summing in different bins
binned_tabulateFast tabulating in different bins
byMeanFast conditional mean
bySumFast conditional sum
c.ffConcatenate 'ff' vectors
chunkexprChunk an expression
chunkifyChunkify an element-wise function
compactCompact a ff vector or ffdf data frame
condMeanFast conditional mean
condSumFast conditional sum
cumsum.ffCumulative Sums, Products, and Extremes
cut.ffConvert Numeric ff vector to factor ff
diff.ffLagged Differences
droplevels.ffThe function 'droplevels' is used to drop unused levels from...
droplevels.ffdfThe function 'droplevels' is used to drop unused levels from...
duplicated.ffDuplicated for ff and ffdf objects
expand.ffgridCreate a 'ffdf' from All Combinations of Factors
ffappendAppend a ff vector to another ff vector
ff_arithmeticArithmetic Operators for ff vectors
ffbase-packageBasic statistical functions for ff
ffdfappendAppend a dataframe or an 'ffdf' to another 'ffdf'
ffdfdplyPerforms a split-apply-combine on an ffdf
ffdfrbind.fillrbind for ffdf where missing columns are added if not...
ffdfwithEvaluate an expression in a ffdf data environment
ffextractReading and writing vectors extended to handle logical 'ff'...
ffextractffdfReading and writing data.frames (ffdf)
ffifelseConditional Element Selection for 'ff' vectors.
ffmatchValue Matching for ff objects
ff_mathMath for ff vectors
ff_opsOps for ff vectors
fforderedAdd the order of a ff vector of the 'ff' vector 'x'
ffrandomGenerate 'ff' vector with draws from distribution
ffrep.intReplicate Elements of 'ff' vectors.
ffseqSequence Generation of 'ff' vectors.
ffseq_lenSequence Generation of 'ff' vectors.
ffwhichCreate an index from a filter statement
format.ff_vectorDate Conversion Functions for 'ff' vector
grouprunningcumsumGroups the input integer vector into several groups if the...
hist2d.ffcompute and plot 2 dimensional histogram of ff data
hist.ffhist for ff vectors
ikeyCreates a unique integer key for unique combinations of rows...'Not Available' / Missing Values for ff vectors
laf_to_ffdfUse LaF to import data into 'ffdf' data.frame
load.ffdfLoads ffdf data.frames from a directory
mean.ffMean of ff vector
merge.ffdfMerge two ffdf by common columns, or do other versions of...
min.ffMinimum, maximum and range of ff vector
move.ffdfMoves all the columns of ffdf data.frames into a directory
pack.ffdfPacks ffdf data.frames into a compressed file
pkg-deprecatedSave a ffdf data.frame in directory
rle_ffCompute the lengths and values of runs of equal values in a...
save.ffdfSave ffdf data.frames in a directory
set_ffbase_loggingsets the logging of ffbase
subset.ffSubsetting a ff vector or ffdfdata frame
sum.ffSum of 'ff' vector Elements
tableCross Tabulation and Table Creation
tabulate.ffTabulation for ff vectors
transform.ffdfTransform a ffdf data.frame
unique.ffUnique values for ff and ffdf objects
unpack.ffdfUnpacks previously stored ffdf data.frame into a directory
with.ffdfEvaluate an expression in a ffdf data environment
within.ffdfEvaluate an expression in a ffdf data environment
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