Man pages for ffmanova
Fifty-Fifty MANOVA

adjustAdjust a predictor matrix for the presence of another matrix
dressingDressing data
ffAnovaType II* Anova
ffmanovaFifty-fifty MANOVA
ffmanovatest50-50 MANOVA testing
fixModelMatrixFix the "factor" matrix of a terms object.
linregEstLinear regression estimation
m2cConversion between matrices and partitioned matrices
manova5050Computation of 50-50 MANOVA results
matlabColonSimulate Matlab's ':'
multiPvaluesp-values from MANOVA test statistics
multiStatisticsMANOVA test statistics
myorthRank and orthonormal basis
my_pValueFF-test p-values
normMatrix norm.
orth_DMaking adjusted design matrix data
predict.ffmanovaPredictions, mean predictions, adjusted means and linear...
print.ffmanovaPrint method for ffmanova
rotationtestRotation testing
stdizeCentering and scaling of matrices
unitestUnivariate F or t testing
x_ObjCreation of a design matrix object
xy_ObjCreation of a design-with-responses object
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