Man pages for finalfit
Quickly Create Elegant Regression Results Tables and Plots when Modelling

boot_compareCompare bootstrapped distributions
boot_predictBootstrap simulation for model prediction
catTestfisherDeprecated catTest from Hmisc for reverse dependencies
check_recodeCheck accurate recoding of variables
coefficient_plotProduce a coefficient table and plot
colon_sChemotherapy for Stage B/C colon cancer
compoundpipemagrittr compound assignment pipe-operator
condense_fitCondense model output dataframe for final tables
coxphmultiCox proprotional hazards multivariable models: 'finalfit'...
coxphuniCox proprotional hazards univariable models: 'finalfit' model...
crrmultiCompeting risks multivariable regression: 'finalfit' model...
crruniCompeting risks univariable regression: 'finalfit' model...
dependent_labelMake a label for the dependent variable
error_colon_fct_levelsErrors: colon in factor levels
expositionpipemagrittr exposition pipe-operator
extract_fitExtract model output to dataframe
extract_labelsExtract variable labels and names
extract_variable_labelExtract variable labels from dataframe
ff_column_totalsAdd column totals to 'summary_factorlist()' output
ff_evalEval for 'lm' and 'glm' model wrappers
ff_formulaGenerate formula as character string
ff_glimpseDescriptive statistics for dataframe
ff_interactionMake an interaction variable and add to dataframe
ff_labelLabel a variable
ff_mergeMerge a 'summary_factorlist()' table with any number of model...
ff_metricsGenerate common metrics for regression model results
ff_newdataGenerate newdata for simulations
ff_parse_formulaParse a formula to finalfit grammar
ff_percent_onlyInclude only percentages for factors in 'summary_factorlist'...
ff_permutePermuate explanatory variables to produce multiple output...
ff_plotProduce a table and plot
ff_relabelRelabel variables in a data frame
ff_relabel_dfRelabel variables from data frame after tidyverse functions
ff_remove_pRemove p-value from output
ff_remove_refRemove regression reference level row from table
ff_row_totalsAdd row totals to 'summary_factorlist()' output
ff_stratify_helperHelp making stratified summary_factorlist tables
finalfitFinal output tables for common regression models
finalfit-packagefinalfit: Quickly create elegant final results tables and...
fit2dfExtract model fit results to dataframe (generic): 'finalfit'...
format_n_percentFormat n and percent as a character
glmmixedMixed effects binomial logistic regression models: 'finalfit'...
glmmultiBinomial logistic regression multivariable models: 'finalfit'...
glmmulti_bootBinomial logistic regression multivariable models with...
glmuniBinomial logistic regression univariable models: 'finalfit'...
hr_plotProduce a hazard ratio table and plot
is.survivalTest character describes survival object
labels_to_columnLabels to column names
labels_to_levelLabels to level
lmmixedMixed effects linear regression models: 'finalfit' model...
lmmultiLinear regression multivariable models: 'finalfit' model...
lmuniLinear regression univariable models: 'finalfit' model...
metrics_hoslemHosmer-Lemeshow goodness of fit test
missing_compareCompare missing data
missing_dfMissing values data frame
missing_glimpseSummary of missing values
missing_pairsMissing values pairs plot
missing_patternCharacterise missing data for 'finalfit' models
missing_plotMissing values occurrence plot
missing_predictorMatrixCreate predictorMatrix for use with mice
or_plotProduce an odds ratio table and plot
pipePipe operator
plot_titleLabel plot title
printPrint methods for finalfit data frames
p_tidyRound p-values but keep trailing zeros
remove_interceptRemove intercept from model output
remove_labelsRemove variable labels.
rm_duplicate_labelsRemove duplicate levels within 'summary_factorlist':...
rm_duplicatesRemove duplicates and replace
rm_empty_blockRemove rows where all specified variables are missing
round_tidyRound values but keep trailing zeros
summary_factorlistSummarise a set of factors (or continuous variables) by a...
summary_factorlist_stratifiedSummarise a set of factors (or continuous variables) by a...
summary_mipoCall to mice:::summary.mipo
surv_plotPlot survival curves with number-at-risk table
svyglmmultiMultivariable survey-weighted generalised linear models
svyglmuniUnivariable survey-weighted generalised linear models
variable_typeDetermine type/class of a variable
wcgsWestern Collaborative Group Study
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