Man pages for fossil
Palaeoecological and Palaeogeographical Analysis Tools

aceAbundance- and Incidence-based Coverage Estimators
aic.nestNestedness of samples using AIC
bootstrapBootstrap Species Richness Estimator
bray.curtisSimilarity/Dissimilarity Indices
chao1Chao's Species Estimators
chao.sdChao's estimation of standard error
chao.sorensonChao's Jaccard and Sorenson Estimators of Shared Species
coiCohesiveness Index for Relational Clustering
create.latsCreating a table of Latitudes and Longitudes
create.matrixCreating species locality matrices
deg.distHaversine Distance Formula
dino.distCreating a Distance Matrix
dino.mstCalculate a Minimum Spanning Tree or Network
earth.bearBearings Between Geographic Locations
earth.distCalculating Geographic Distances
earth.polyCalculating a Minimum Convex Polygon
earth.triCalculating the Surface Area Enclosed by Three Geographic...
fdataA Sample Species Abundance Dataset
fossil-packagefossil: Palaeoecological and Palaeogeographical Analysis...
int.chaoInternal function for chao estimators
jack1First- and second-order jacknife estimators
lats2ShapeConverting a Table of Latitudes and Longitudes to a Shapefile
localoptimaFunction to Find Local Optimization for clustering
loc.mapMapping Points on a Global Map
msn2ShapeConvert a Minimum spanning Network or Tree to Shapefile
msn.mapMapping a Minimum Spanning Tree
mstlinesDisplay a Minimum Spanning Tree or Network a New Latitude and Longitude
nmds.mstCreating NMDS plots with overlain Minimum Spanning Trees
rand.indexRand Index and Adjusted Rand Index
rclustRelational Clustering
rclust.distRelational Clustering
rclust.nullRelational Clustering
rclust.weightsRelational Clustering
relational.clusteringRelational Clustering
sacCalculate Species Area Curves
sim.occSimulated Species Occurrence data
spp.estEstimating Species Diversity
tri.ineqTesting for the Triangle Inequality
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