Man pages for frailtyHL
Frailty Models via Hierarchical Likelihood

bladderBladder Cancer Data
bladder0Bladder cancer data
cgdChronic Granulomatous Disease (CGD) Infection Data
CmpRskModel Formula of Competing Risk
frailtyHLFitting Frailty Models using H-likelihood Approach
frailtyHL-packageH-likelihood Approach for Frailty Models
frailty.vsPenalized Variable Selection for Frailty Models
hlike.frailtyCompeting Risk Frialty Models using H-Likelihood
jmfitJoint Modelling of Longitudinal and Time-to-Event Data
jointmodelingDefining the Fixed and Random Models for the Mean and...
kidneyKidney Infection Data
mlmfitAccelerated Failure Time (AFT) Models with Random Effects
ratsRats data
renMammary tumor data
renalRenal transplant data
testSimulated data with clustered competing risks
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