Man pages for fredr
An R Client for the 'FRED' API

fredrGet observations of a FRED series
fredr_categoryGet a FRED category
fredr_category_childrenGet the child categories for a specified FRED parent category
fredr_category_relatedGet the related categories for a FRED category.
fredr_category_related_tagsGet the related FRED tags within a category
fredr_category_seriesGet the series in a category
fredr_category_tagsGet the FRED tags for a category
fredr_docsOpen the web documentation for a certain FRED API topic.
fredr_endpointsList of available FRED API endpoints.
fredr-keyFRED API key
fredr-packagefredr: An R Client for the 'FRED' API
fredr_related_tagsGet related FRED tags given one or more tags
fredr_releaseGet a release of economic data
fredr_release_datesGet release dates for a single release of economic data
fredr_release_related_tagsGet the related FRED tags for one or more FRED tags within a...
fredr_releasesGet all releases of economic data
fredr_releases_datesGet release dates for _all_ releases of economic data.
fredr_release_seriesGet the series on a release of economic data
fredr_release_sourcesGet the sources for a release of economic data
fredr_release_tablesGet release table trees for a given release
fredr_release_tagsGet the FRED tags for a release
fredr_requestSend a request to the FRED API
fredr_seriesReturn basic information for a FRED series.
fredr_series_categoriesGet the categories for a FRED series
fredr_series_releaseGet the release for a FRED series
fredr_series_searchSearch for a FRED series.
fredr_series_search_related_tagsGet the related FRED tags for one or more FRED tags matching...
fredr_series_search_tagsGet the FRED tags for a series search.
fredr_series_tagsGet the tags for a FRED series
fredr_series_updatesGet a set of recently updated FRED series
fredr_series_vintagedatesGet the data vintage dates for a FRED series
fredr_sourceGet a source of economic data
fredr_source_releasesGet the releases for a source
fredr_sourcesGet _all_ sources of economic data
fredr_tagsGet FRED series tags
fredr_tags_seriesFind FRED series matching tag names
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