download_fsaverage: Download the FreeSurfer v6 fsaverage subject.

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Download some relevant files from the FreeSurfer v6 fsaverage subject. The files are subject to the FreeSurfer software license, see parameter 'accept_freesurfer_license' for details. This data is not required for the package to work. If you are working on a machine that has FreeSurfer installed, you already have this data anyways and do not need to download it. If not, it is very convenient to have it if you are using the fsaverage template subject to analyze your standard space data, as it is required for visualization of such data.


download_fsaverage(accept_freesurfer_license = FALSE)



logical, whether you accept the FreeSurfer license for fsaverage, available at Defaults to FALSE.


Named list. The list has entries: "available": vector of strings. The names of the files that are available in the local file cache. You can access them using get_optional_data_file(). "missing": vector of strings. The names of the files that this function was unable to retrieve.

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