download_fsaverage3: Download the FreeSurfer v6 low-resolution fsaverage3 subject.

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Download some relevant files from the FreeSurfer v6 fsaverage3 subject. The files are subject to the FreeSurfer software license, see parameter 'accept_freesurfer_license' for details. This data is not required for the package to work. If you are working on a machine that has FreeSurfer installed, you already have this data anyways and do not need to download it. Also downloads data for subject1 that has been mapped to fsaverage.


download_fsaverage3(accept_freesurfer_license = FALSE)



logical, whether you accept the FreeSurfer license for fsaverage, available at Defaults to FALSE.


Named list. The list has entries: "available": vector of strings. The names of the files that are available in the local file cache. You can access them using get_optional_data_file(). "missing": vector of strings. The names of the files that this function was unable to retrieve.


The subject fsaverage3 is a downsampled (low mesh resolution) version of the standard fsaverage. If you never heard about fsaverage3, you do not need it. You will have to manually re-sample your data in FreeSurfer if you want to use it with fsaverage3.

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