face.edges: Enumerate all edges of the given faces or mesh.

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Compute edges of a tri-mesh. Can compute all edges, or only a subset, given by the face indices in the mesh.


face.edges(surface_mesh, face_indices = "all")



surface mesh, as loaded by subject.surface or read.fs.surface.


integer vector, the face indices. Can also be the character string 'all' to use all faces.


integer matrix of size (n, 2) where n is the number of edges. The indices (source and target vertex) in each row are **not** sorted, and the edges are **not** unique. I.e., each undirected edge 'u, v' (with the exception of edges on the mesh border) will occur twice in the result: once as 'u, v' and once as 'v, u'.

See Also

Other surface mesh functions: label.border(), mesh.vertex.included.faces(), mesh.vertex.neighbors(), subject.surface(), vis.path.along.verts()

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