get.view.angle.names: Get list of valid view angle names.

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The returned strings are used as constants to identify a view of type 'sd_<angle>'. They can be used to construct entries for the parameter 'views' of functions like vis.subject.morph.native, or directly as parameter 'view_angles' for functions like vislayout.from.coloredmeshes.


get.view.angle.names(angle_set = "all", add_sd_prefix = TRUE)



string, which view subset to return. Available subsets are: 'all' (or alias 't9'): for all 9 angles. 't4': for the t4 views. 'medial': the 2 medial views, one for each hemi. 'lateral': the 2 lateral views, one for each hemi. 'lh': medial and laterial for the left hemisphere. 'rh': medial and laterial for the right hemisphere.


logical, whether the prefix 'sd_' should be added to the string. This will construct full view names. If set to false, only the substring after the prefix 'sd_' will be returned. This is used internally only and should not be needed in general.


vector of character strings, all valid view angle strings.

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