group.morph.standard.sf: Read combined data for a group from a single file.

Description Usage Arguments Value Note See Also

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Read morphometry data for a group from a matrix in a single MGH or MGZ file.





character string, path to a file in MGH or MGZ format


logical, whether to return a data.frame, like group.morph.standard. If FALSE, the raw 4d matrix is returned.


dataframe or 4d matrix, the morph data. See parameter 'df' for details.


The file has typically been generated by running mris_preproc and/or mri_surf2surf on the command line, or written from R using The file contains no information on the subject identifiers, you need to know the subjects and their order in the file. Same goes for the hemisphere.

See Also to write the data to one file per hemi per subject instead. If you have created the input data file in FreeSurfer based on an FSGD file, you can read the subject identifiers from that FSGD file using

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