vol.imagestack: Turn volume into an ImageMagick image stack.

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Create an image from each slice along the axis, then stack those into an ImageMagick image stack.


vol.imagestack(volume, axis = 1L, intensity_scale = 255)



a 3D image volume. Can be numeric, or something that can be read directly by magick::image_read in 2D matrices (slices along the axis), e.g., a 3D array of color strings. If a 2D matrix is passed, the resulting stack will contain a single image.


positive integer in range 1L..3L or an axis name, the axis to use.


integer, value by which to scale the intensities in the volume to the range '[0, 1]'. Only used for numeric volumes. Set to NULL for data that can be read directly by magick::image_read, and to 1 for intensity data that requires no scaling. Defaults to 255, which is suitable for 8 bit image data.


a vectorized ImageMagick image, containing one subimage per slice. This can be interpreted as an animation or whatever.

See Also

Other volume utility: vol.boundary.box(), vol.merge(), vol.overlay.colors.from.activation(), vol.planes(), vol.slice()

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