Man pages for ftnonpar
Features and Strings for Nonparametric Regression

balloonData from a weather balloon
dclawThe Claw Distribution
djdataDonoho-Johnstone test signals
frunRuns and local extremes
ftnonpar-internalInternal ftnonpar functions
genpmregPiecewise monotone regression with generalised taut strings
kkuipGeneralized Kuiper Metrics
l1pmregPiecewise monotone nonparameric quantile regression
mintvmonMinimization of total variation
pmdenPiecewise monotone density estimation with taut strings
pmlogregPiecewise monotone logistic regression with taut strings
pmregPiecewise monotone regression with taut strings
pmspecPiecewise monotone spectral density approximation with taut...
rclawThe Claw Distribution
rtennormalMixture of ten normal distributions
smdenregPiecewise monotone density estimation with smooth taut...
smqregSmooth piecewise monotone regression with taut strings
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