funData: An S4 Class for Functional Data

S4 classes for univariate and multivariate functional data with utility functions.

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AuthorClara Happ [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-07-18 13:59:36
MaintainerClara Happ <>

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Man pages

addError: Add Gaussian white noise to functional data objects

addError-funData-method: Add gaussian white noise to functional data

addError-multiFunData-method: Add gaussian white noise to multivariate functional data

Arith.funData: Arithmetics for functional data objects

as.funData: Coerce an irregFunData object to class funData

as.multiFunData: Coerce a funData object to class multiFunData

dimSupp: Support dimension of functional data

dimSupp-funData-method: dimSupp for funData objects

dimSupp-irregFunData-method: dimSupp for irregular functional data objects

dimSupp-multiFunData-method: dimSupp for multiFunData objects

efFourier: Calculate the first M Fourier basis functions

efPoly: Legendre Polynomials of degree 0,...,M-1

eFun: Generate orthonormal eigenfunctions

efWiener: Calculate the first M eigenfunctions of the Wiener process

eVal: Generate a sequence of simulated eigenvalues

extractObs: Extract observations of functional data

extractObs-funData-method: extractObs for funData objects

extractObs-irregFunData-method: extractObs for irregular functional data

extractObs-multiFunData-method: extractObs for multiFunData objects

extrapolateIrreg: Extrapolate irregular functional data to a given domain

flipFuns: Flip functional data objects

flipFuns-funData-funData-method: Flip univariate functional data

flipFuns-funData-irregFunData-method: Flip irregular functional data - funData as reference

flipFuns-irregFunData-irregFunData-method: Flip irregular functional data - irregFunData as reference

flipFuns-multiFunData-multiFunData-method: Flip multivariate functional data

funData-class: A class for (univariate) functional data

funData-constructor: Constructor for functional data objects, first argument...

funData-setAs: Coerce a funData object to class multiFunData

getArgvals: Extract and set slots from functional data objects

getArgvals-funData-method: Get argvals slot for funData objects

getArgvals-irregFunData-method: Get argvals slot for irregular functional data objects

getArgvals-multiFunData-method: Get argvals slot for multiFunData objects

getX-funData-method: Get X slot for funData objects

getX-irregFunData-method: Get X slot for irregular functional data objects

getX-multiFunData-method: Get X slot for multiFunData objects

integrate: Integrate functional data

integrate3D: Integrate a function on a rectangular 3D grid

integrate-funData-method: Integrate method for funData objects

integrate-irregFunData-method: Integrate method for irregular functional data objects

integrate-multiFunData-method: Integrate method for multiFunData objects

irregFunData-class: A class for irregularly sampled functional data

irregFunData-constructor: Constructor for irregular functional data objects

irregFunData-setAs: Coerce an irregFunData object to class funData

meanFunction: Mean for functional data

meanFunction-funData-method: Mean for functional data

meanFunction-irregFunData-method: Mean for irregular functional data

meanFunction-multiFunData-method: Mean for multivariate functional data

multiFunData-class: A class for multivariate functional data

multiFunData-constructor: Constructor for multivariate functional data objects

nObs: Get the number of observations

nObs-funData-method: nObs for funData objects

nObs-irregFunData-method: nObs for irregular functional data objects

nObs-multiFunData-method: nObs for multiFunData objects

nObsPoints: Get the number of observation points

nObsPoints-funData-method: nObsPoints for funData objects

nObsPoints-irregFunData-method: nObsPoints for irregular functional data objects

nObsPoints-multiFunData-method: nObsPoints for multiFunData objects

norm: Calculate the norm of functional data

norm.funData: Calculate the norm for univariate functional data

norm-funData-method: Calculate the norm for univariate functional data

norm.irregFunData: Calculate the norm for irregular functional data

norm-irregFunData-method: Calculate the norm for irregular functional data

norm-multiFunData-method: Calculate the norm for multivariate functional data

plot.funData: Plotting univariate functional data

plot.irregFunData: Plotting irregular functional data

plot.multiFunData: Plotting multivariate functional data

print.funData: A print method for univariate functional data

print.irregFunData: A print method for irregular functional data

setArgvals-funData-method: Set argvals slot for funData objects

setArgvals-irregFunData-method: Set argvals slot for irregular functional objects

setArgvals-multiFunData-method: Set argvals slot for multiFunData objects

setX-funData-method: Set X slot for funData objects

setX-irregFunData-method: Set X slot for irregular functional data objects

setX-multiFunData-method: Set X slot for multiFunData objects

simFunData: Simulate univariate functional data

simMultiFunData: Simulate multivariate functional data

simMultiSplit: Simulate multivariate eigenfunctions based on a split 'big'...

simMultiWeight: Simulate multivariate eigenfunctions based on weighted...

sparsify: Generate a sparse version of functional data objects

sparsify-funData-method: sparsify for univariate functional data

sparsify-multiFunData-method: sparsify for multivariate functional data

tensorProduct: Tensor product for univariate functions on one-dimensional...

tensorProduct-funData-method: Tensor product for functional data


addError Man page
addError,funData-method Man page
addError,multiFunData-method Man page
Arith.funData Man page
Arith,funData,funData-method Man page
Arith,funData,irregFunData-method Man page
Arith,funData,numeric-method Man page
Arith,irregFunData,funData-method Man page
Arith,irregFunData,irregFunData-method Man page
Arith,irregFunData,numeric-method Man page
Arith,multiFunData,multiFunData-method Man page
Arith,multiFunData,numeric-method Man page
Arith,numeric,funData-method Man page
Arith,numeric,irregFunData-method Man page
Arith,numeric,multiFunData-method Man page
as.funData Man page
as.funData,irregFunData-method Man page
as.multiFunData Man page
as.multiFunData,funData-method Man page
dimSupp Man page
dimSupp,funData-method Man page
dimSupp,irregFunData-method Man page
dimSupp,multiFunData-method Man page
efFourier Man page
efPoly Man page
eFun Man page
efWiener Man page
eVal Man page
extractObs Man page
extractObs,funData-method Man page
extractObs,irregFunData-method Man page
extractObs,multiFunData-method Man page
extrapolateIrreg Man page
flipFuns Man page
flipFuns,funData,funData-method Man page
flipFuns,funData,irregFunData-method Man page
flipFuns,irregFunData,irregFunData-method Man page
flipFuns,multiFunData,multiFunData-method Man page
funData Man page
funData-class Man page
funData-constructor Man page
funData,list,array-method Man page
funData,numeric,array-method Man page
funData-setAs Man page
getArgvals Man page
getArgvals,funData-method Man page
getArgvals,irregFunData-method Man page
getArgvals,multiFunData-method Man page
getX Man page
getX,funData-method Man page
getX,irregFunData-method Man page
getX,multiFunData-method Man page
integrate Man page
integrate3D Man page
integrate,funData-method Man page
integrate,irregFunData-method Man page
integrate,multiFunData-method Man page
irregFunData Man page
irregFunData-class Man page
irregFunData-constructor Man page
irregFunData,list,list-method Man page
irregFunData-setAs Man page
meanFunction Man page
meanFunction,funData-method Man page
meanFunction,irregFunData-method Man page
meanFunction,multiFunData-method Man page
multiFunData Man page
multiFunData,ANY-method Man page
multiFunData-class Man page
multiFunData-constructor Man page
nObs Man page
nObs,funData-method Man page
nObs,irregFunData-method Man page
nObs,multiFunData-method Man page
nObsPoints Man page
nObsPoints,funData-method Man page
nObsPoints,irregFunData-method Man page
nObsPoints,multiFunData-method Man page
norm Man page
norm.funData Man page
norm,funData-method Man page
norm.irregFunData Man page
norm,irregFunData-method Man page
norm,multiFunData-method Man page
plot.funData Man page
plot,funData,missing-method Man page
plot.irregFunData Man page
plot,irregFunData,missing-method Man page
plot.multiFunData Man page
plot,multiFunData,missing-method Man page
print.funData Man page
print.irregFunData Man page
setArgvals Man page
setArgvals,funData-method Man page
setArgvals,irregFunData-method Man page
setArgvals,multiFunData-method Man page
setX Man page
setX,funData-method Man page
setX,irregFunData-method Man page
setX,multiFunData-method Man page
show,funData-method Man page
show,irregFunData-method Man page
simFunData Man page
simMultiFunData Man page
simMultiSplit Man page
simMultiWeight Man page
sparsify Man page
sparsify,funData-method Man page
sparsify,multiFunData-method Man page
tensorProduct Man page
tensorProduct,funData-method Man page


tests/testthat/test_funDataMethods.R tests/testthat/test_funDataClass.R
R/funDataMethods.R R/funDataClass.R R/irreg.R R/simulation.R
man/flipFuns-funData-funData-method.Rd man/getX-irregFunData-method.Rd man/setX-multiFunData-method.Rd man/setX-irregFunData-method.Rd man/plot.funData.Rd man/simFunData.Rd man/norm.Rd man/multiFunData-constructor.Rd man/nObs-funData-method.Rd man/norm.irregFunData.Rd man/integrate.Rd man/funData-setAs.Rd man/nObs-irregFunData-method.Rd man/flipFuns-multiFunData-multiFunData-method.Rd man/meanFunction-multiFunData-method.Rd man/flipFuns-irregFunData-irregFunData-method.Rd man/extractObs-multiFunData-method.Rd man/integrate3D.Rd man/getX-multiFunData-method.Rd man/print.funData.Rd man/addError.Rd man/getArgvals-irregFunData-method.Rd man/tensorProduct.Rd man/plot.multiFunData.Rd man/integrate-funData-method.Rd man/nObs-multiFunData-method.Rd man/setArgvals-funData-method.Rd man/irregFunData-constructor.Rd man/dimSupp-funData-method.Rd man/dimSupp-multiFunData-method.Rd man/norm-multiFunData-method.Rd man/setArgvals-irregFunData-method.Rd man/print.irregFunData.Rd man/dimSupp-irregFunData-method.Rd man/simMultiFunData.Rd man/meanFunction.Rd man/eFun.Rd man/as.funData.Rd man/simMultiWeight.Rd man/norm.funData.Rd man/nObsPoints-irregFunData-method.Rd man/efFourier.Rd man/nObsPoints-funData-method.Rd man/plot.irregFunData.Rd man/irregFunData-class.Rd man/sparsify-funData-method.Rd man/nObsPoints.Rd man/funData-constructor.Rd man/sparsify-multiFunData-method.Rd man/setArgvals-multiFunData-method.Rd man/efPoly.Rd man/sparsify.Rd man/integrate-irregFunData-method.Rd man/extrapolateIrreg.Rd man/meanFunction-irregFunData-method.Rd man/meanFunction-funData-method.Rd man/nObsPoints-multiFunData-method.Rd man/irregFunData-setAs.Rd man/addError-funData-method.Rd man/getX-funData-method.Rd man/setX-funData-method.Rd man/Arith.funData.Rd man/tensorProduct-funData-method.Rd man/norm-irregFunData-method.Rd man/addError-multiFunData-method.Rd man/flipFuns.Rd man/integrate-multiFunData-method.Rd man/getArgvals-funData-method.Rd man/extractObs-irregFunData-method.Rd man/funData-class.Rd man/getArgvals.Rd man/multiFunData-class.Rd man/as.multiFunData.Rd man/nObs.Rd man/extractObs.Rd man/getArgvals-multiFunData-method.Rd man/flipFuns-funData-irregFunData-method.Rd man/extractObs-funData-method.Rd man/efWiener.Rd man/simMultiSplit.Rd man/dimSupp.Rd man/norm-funData-method.Rd man/eVal.Rd

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