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funData is an R-package that allows users to easily handle functional data. The data is stored in an object-oriented manner using S4 classes and methods.


funData provides a unified framework for different types of functional data:

Important functionalities include:


The funData pacakge is available on CRAN. To install the latest version directly from Github, please use devtools::install_github("ClaraHapp/funData") (install devtools before).


The funData package depends on the R-packages fields, foreach, abind and methods.


The functionalities of the funData package and its interplay with the MFPCA package for multivariate functional principal component analysis are described in:

C. Happ-Kurz (2020): Object-Oriented Software for Functional Data. Journal of Statistical Software, 93(5): 1-38 .

Bug reports

Please use GitHub issues for reporting bugs or issues.

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