Man pages for funreg
Functional Regression for Irregularly Timed Data

coef.funregcoef method for funreg object
fitted.funeigenfitted method for funeigen object
fitted.funregfitted method for funreg object
funeigenPerform eigenfunction decomposition on functional covariate
funregPerform penalized functional regression
funreg.permutationDo a permutation test for functional regression data for some demonstration examples
make.funreg.basisMake basis for functional regression (for internal use by...
marginal.corCalculate marginal correlations with response
marginal.cor.funeigenCalculate marginal correlations with response, from a... the functional covariates in a model (for internal use...
plot.funeigenplot method for funeigen object
plot.funregplot method for funreg object
print.funregprint method for funreg object
redo.funregRedo a funreg with different data (for internal use by...
SampleFunregDataSample dataset for funreg
summary.funregsummary method for funreg object
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