plot.funreg: plot method for funreg object

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Plots information from an object of class funreg.


## S3 method for class 'funreg'
plot(x, frames = FALSE, type = "coefficients", ...)



An object of class funreg, representing a fitted functional regression model.


If there are multiple functional covariates, this tells whether or not the plot for each covariate should all be drawn together as different panels on the same figure.


A string telling what kind of plot to produce. One can specify coefficients, which means that the functional coefficient for each functional covariate will be plotted as a function of time; or one can specify


Other optional arguments to be passed on to the plot function. correlations, which means that the correlation of the covariate (at each given time), with the scalar outcome (presumably taken at a single time) will be plotted instead.

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