init_share_on_github: Initiate GitHub to share your package on a website

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init_share_on_githubR Documentation

Initiate GitHub to share your package on a website


This uses pkgdown to share the documentation of the package through GitHub Actions. You may need to run usethis::create_github_token(), then gitcreds::gitcreds_set() before.


init_share_on_github(ask = TRUE)



Logical. TRUE (default) to ask the user to apply the instructions each time needed, or FALSE if the user already know what to do.


init_share_on_github() runs multiple steps to be able to share a proper package on GitHub:

  • Start versionning with git if not already

  • Connect to your GitHub account

  • Create a minimal DESCRIPTION file if missing

    • You will have to update its content with your information after deployment

  • Add NEWS file to present modifications of your releases

  • Add README.Rmd and knit it to to quickly present the aim and the use of your package

  • Init continuous integration (CI)

    • Check the package on Linux, Windows and MacOS

    • Calculate code coverage. Note that you may need to connect to to see the results of the code coverage.

  • Init continuous deployment (CD) of the pkgdown website documentation

  • Commit and push to GitHub

  • List remaining manual steps to make the website public

Read vignette("share-on-a-github-website", package = "fusen")


The URL of the website created


## Not run: 
# This modifies the current directory and send it on GitHub

## End(Not run)

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