createAccumulators: Create accumulator closure

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This function creates a closure that holds, adds to, and returns data structures that the user wishes to grow at various points in the execution of the package (e.g., location and model information dataframes).




As an example, when the generated closure is used with the command "append location list", it will add information on the cities and closest grid point locations based on the climate model it has just completed analyzing to a growing dataframe with this information for all climate models. After the function run to generate the heat wave projections is completed, this closure can be used with the command "return locations" to output the completed dataframe of this location information.The closure can be used in a similar manner to aggregate and then return meta-data on the models analyzed based on their inclusion in the user-specified projections directory.


A closure that accepts commands to access and append new data onto data structures as the program executes. The closure created by this function accepts two arguments: (1) the command and (2) an element to be appended to the end of the data structure of the command. These two arguments must be entered in this exact order. The first argument (the command) can be one of the following options: return model information, append model information, return locations, and append location list. The second argument for the created closure should only be used in conjunction with the two "append" commands for the closure.

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