createCityProcessor: Create closure to identify and aggregate heat waves

Description Usage Arguments Value Note

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This function creates a closure that returns a dataframe with the identified heat waves and heat wave characteristics for a given city for the specified projection period, as generated by the createHwDataframe function.





An list object created by gen_hw_set that includes user specifications (e.g., the path to the output directory, the path to the input climate projections, the dataframe with city locations).


This function creates a closure that takes inputs of threshold, ensembleSeries, and custom and will find and characterize all heat waves in all cities for a given ensemble. See the help file for formHwFrame for more information on the format of the dataframe created by this closure.


The closure encapsulates an incrementer varaible and advances it with every call. This variable is used to index into the cities vector from the global object passed into this function.

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