map_grid: Create a map of model grid

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This function creates a map of the grid points of a climate model used for the study locations and draws lines connecting each study city to its climate model grid point. It currently can only be used for studies within the United States.


map_grid(plot_model, out)



A character string with the name of the model to plot


Character string with pathname to which extreme event files were written by gen_hw_set. Typically, this will be the same pathname as that specified with out when running gen_hw_set.


A ggplot2 object with a map of grid points for the climate model that were used in processing extreme events for the study locations, with a line drawn from each study locations to the grid point used for it.


This function creates a ggplot2 object, so the output can be edited using ggplot2 functions.


out <- system.file("extdata/example_results", package = "futureheatwaves")
map_grid(plot_model = "bcc1", out = out)

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