Man pages for fuzzySim
Fuzzy Similarity in Species Distributions

bioThreatBiotic threat of a stronger over a weaker species based on...
corSelectSelect among correlated variables based on a given criterion
distPres(Inverse) distance to the nearest presence
entropy(Fuzzy) entropy
FavFavourability (probability without the effect of sample...
favClassClassify favourability into 3 categories (low, intermediate,...
FDRFalse Discovery Rate
fuzSimFuzzy similarity
fuzzyConsensusFuzzy consensus among model predictions
fuzzyOverlayRow-wise overlay operations based on fuzzy logic
fuzzyRangeChangeRange change based on continuous (fuzzy) values
fuzzySim-packageFuzzy Similarity in Species Distributions
getPredsGet model predictions
gridRecordsGrid (or thin) point occurrence records to the resolution of...
integerColsClassify integer columns
modelTrimTrim off non-significant variables from a model
modOverlapOverall overlap between model predictions
multConvertMultiple conversion
multGLMGLMs with variable selection for multiple species
multicolAnalyse multicollinearity in a dataset, including VIF
multTSATrend Surface Analysis for multiple species
pairwiseRangemapsPairwise intersection (and union) of range maps
percentTestDataPercent test data
rangemapSimPairwise similarity between rangemaps
rarity(Fuzzy) rarity
rotif.envRotifers and environmental variables on TDWG level 4 regions...
rotifersRotifer species on TDWG level 4 regions of the world
sharedFavShared favourability for two competing species
simFromSetOpsCalculate similarity from set operations
simMatPair-wise (fuzzy) similarity matrix
spCodesObtain unique abbreviations of species names
splist2presabsConvert a species list to a presence-absence table
stepByStepAnalyse and compare stepwise model predictions
stepwiseStepwise regression
summaryWaldModel summary with Wald (instead of z) test statistics
transposeTranspose (part of) a matrix or dataframe
triMatIndTriangular matrix indices
vulnerability(Fuzzy) vulnerability
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