Man pages for fuzzySim
Fuzzy Similarity in Species Distributions

bioThreatBiotic threat of a stronger over a weaker species based on...
corSelectSelect among correlated variables based on a given criterion
distPres(Inverse) distance to the nearest presence
favClassClassify favourability into 3 categories (low, intermediate,...
FDRFalse Discovery Rate
fuzSimFuzzy similarity
fuzzyOverlayRow-wise overlay operations based on fuzzy logic
fuzzyRangeChangeRange change based on continuous (fuzzy) values
fuzzySim-packageFuzzy Similarity in Species Distributions
getPredsGet model predictions
gridRecordsGrid point occurrence records onto a raster
integerColsClassify integer columns
modelTrimTrim off non-significant variables from a model
modOverlapOverall overlap between model predictions
multConvertMultiple conversion
multGLMGLMs with variable selection for multiple species
multicolAnalyse multicollinearity in a dataset, including VIF
multTSATrend Surface Analysis for multiple species
pairwiseRangemapsPairwise intersection (and union) of range maps
percentTestDataPercent test data
rangemapSimPairwise similarity between rangemaps
rotif.envRotifers and environmental variables on TDWG level 4 regions...
rotifersRotifer species on TDWG level 4 regions of the world
sharedFavShared favourability for two competing species
simFromSetOpsCalculate similarity from set operations
simMatPair-wise (fuzzy) similarity matrix
spCodesObtain unique abbreviations of species names
splist2presabsConvert a species list to a presence-absence table
stepByStepAnalyse and compare stepwise model predictions
transposeTranspose (part of) a matrix or dataframe
triMatIndTriangular matrix indices
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