rotifers: Rotifer species on TDWG level 4 regions of the world

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Rotifer species on TDWG level 4 regions of the world


These data were extracted from a database of monogonont rotifer species records on the geographical units used by the Biodiversity Information Standards (formerly Taxonomic Database Working Group, TDWG: The original data were compiled and published by Fontaneto et al. (2012) for all TDWG levels. Here they are reduced to the TDWG - level 4 units and to the species recorded in at least 100 (roughly one third) of these units. Mind that this is not a complete picture of these species' distributions, due to insufficient sampling in many regions.




A data frame with 3865 observations on the following 2 variables.


a factor with 274 levels corresponding to the code names of the TDWG level 4 regions in which the records were taken


a factor with 30 levels corresponding to the names of the (sub)species recorded in at least 100 different TDWG level 4 regions


Fontaneto D., Barbosa A.M., Segers H. & Pautasso M. (2012) The 'rotiferologist' effect and other global correlates of species richness in monogonont rotifers. Ecography, 35: 174-182.



head(rotifers, 10)

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