data-reinis: Risk factors for coronary heart disease.

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Risk factors for coronary heart disease.


Data collected at the beginning of a 15 year follow-up study of probable risk factors for coronary thrombosis. Data are from all men employed in a car factory.




A table with 6 discrete variables. A: smoking, B: strenous mental work, D: strenuous physical work, E: systolic blood pressure, F: ratio of lipoproteins, G: Family anamnesis of coronary heart disease.


Edwards and Havranek (1985): A fast procedure for model search in multidimensional contingency tables. Biometrika, 72: 339-351.

Reinis et al (1981): Prognostic significance of the risk profile in the prevention of coronary heart disease. Bratis. lek. Listy. 76: 137-150.

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