Man pages for gam
Generalized Additive Models

anova.gamAnalysis of Deviance for a Generalized Additive Model
gamFitting Generalized Additive Models
gam.controlAuxilliary for controlling GAM fitting
gam.dataSimulated dataset for gam
gam.exactA method for gam producing asymptotically exact standard...
gam-internalService functions and as yet undocumented functions for the...
gam.scopeGenerate a scope for step.Gam
gam.smoothersSmoothers available for backfitting
kyphosisA classic example dataset for GAMs
loSpecify a loess fit in a GAM formula
na.gam.replaceMissing Data Filter for GAMs
plot.gamPlot Components of a GAM Object
predict.gamPredict method for GAM fits
randomSpecify a Random Effects Fit in a GAM Formula
sSpecify a Smoothing Spline Fit in a GAM Formula
step.gamStepwise model builder for GAM
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