Man pages for
Data for Generalised Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape

abdomAbdominal Circumference Data
acidityThe Acidity Data files for GAMLSS
aepThe Hospital Stay Data
aidsAids Cases in England and Wales
aircondAir-conditioning data
alveolarThe Alveolar Data files for GAMLSS
bdHead Circumference of Dutch Boys
brownfatThe brown fat data set
bush2000The Bush 2000 election data
cableThe cable data set
CD4The CD4 Count Data files for GAMLSS
computerThe Computer Failure Data files for GAMLSS
cystsData for count data
dbbmiBMI of Dutch Boys
dbhhHead circumference and height of Dutch Boys
eu15GDP of 15 EU counties from 1960 to 2009
fabricThe Fabric Data
film30Film revenue data for the 1930's
film90Film revenue data for the 1990's
glassThe Glass Data files for GAMLSS
glassesReading Glasses Data
gripThe hand grip strength data
hodgesHodges data
InfMortInfant Mortality Data
leukemiaThe Leukemia data
LGAclaimsThe LGA Claims Data files for GAMLSS
liceData files for GAMLSS
lungFunctionThe lung function data
margolinThe Margolin Data files for GAMLSS
metaA Meta Analysis on Smoking Cessation
MumsMothers encouragement data
mviThe motor vehicle insurance data
oilThe oil price data
parzenThe Parzen Data File for GAMLSS
plasmaThe plasma data set
polioPoliomyelitis cases in US
rentRent data
rent99Munich rent data of 1999
rent99.polysThe boundaries file for Munich rent data from the 1999...
respInfRespiratory Infection in Indonesian Children.
sleepData on sleep
speciesThe Fish Species Data files for GAMLSS
styloThe Stylometric Data files for GAMLSS
tensileThe Tensile Data files for GAMLSS
tidalThe tidal data set
trdTokyo Rainfall Data
tseThe Turkish stock exchange index
usairUS air pollution data set
vas5Visual analog scale (VAS) data
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