margolin: The Margolin Data files for GAMLSS

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margolin: Margolin et al. (1981) present data from an Ames Salmonella assay, where y is the number of revertant colonies observed on a plate given a dose y of quinoline. The data were subsequently analysed by Breslow (1984), Lawless (1987) and Saha and Paul (2005).




Data frames each with the following variable.


a numeric vector showing the number of revertant colonies observed on a plate given a dose x of quinoline.


a numeric vector showing a a dose x of quinoline.


Data sets usefull for the GAMLSS booklet


Breslow, N. (1984) Extra-Poisson variation in log-linear models. Applied Statistics, 33, 38-44.

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Margolin, B.H., Kaplan, N. and Zeiger, E. (1981) Statistical analysis of the Ames salmonella/microsome test. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, U.S.A., 76, 3779-3783.

Saha, K. and Paul, S. (2005) Bias-Corrected Maximum Likelihood Estimator of the Negative Binomial Dispersion Parameter. Biometrics, 61, 179-185


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