gamlss: Generalised Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape

Functions for fitting, displaying and checking GAMLSS Models.

AuthorMikis Stasinopoulos [aut, cre, cph], Bob Rigby [aut], Vlasios Voudouris [ctb], Calliope Akantziliotou [ctb], Marco Enea [ctb], Daniil Kiose [ctb]
Date of publication2016-11-21 12:01:45
MaintainerMikis Stasinopoulos <>
LicenseGPL-2 | GPL-3

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Man pages

acfResid: ACF plot of the residuals Implementing Backfitting in GAMLSS

bfp: Functions to fit fractional polynomials in GAMLSS

calibration: Calibrating centile curves

centiles: Plots the centile curves for a GAMLSS object Comparing centiles from different GAMLSS models

centiles.pred: Creating predictive centiles values

centiles.split: Plots centile curves split by x for a GAMLSS object

coef.gamlss: Extract Model Coefficients in a GAMLSS fitted model

cs: Specify a Smoothing Cubic Spline Fit in a GAMLSS Formula

deviance.gamlss: Global Deviance of a GAMLSS model

dtop: Detrended transformed Owen's plot

edf: Effective degrees of freedom from gamlss model

findhyper: A function to select values of hyper-parameters in a GAMLSS...

fitDist: Fits Different Parametric '' distributions to...

fitted.gamlss: Extract Fitted Values For A GAMLSS Model

fittedPlot: Plots The Fitted Values of a GAMLSS Model

formula.gamlss: Extract the Model Formula in a GAMLSS fitted model

gamlss: Generalized Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape

gamlss.control: Auxiliary for Controlling GAMLSS Fitting

gamlss.cs: Support for Function cs() and scs()

gamlss.fp: Support for Function fp()

gamlss.lo: Support for Function lo()

gamlssML: Maximum Likelihood estimation of a simple GAMLSS model

gamlss.package: The GAMLSS library and datasets Support for Functions for smoothers

gamlss.random: Support for Functions random() and re()

gamlss.scope: Generate a Scope Argument for Stepwise GAMLSS

gamlssVGD: A Set of Functions for selecting Models using Validation or...

gen.likelihood: A function to generate the likelihood function from a GAMLSS...

getPEF: Getting the partial effect function from a continuous term in...

getSmo: Extracting Smoother information from a GAMLSS fitted object

glim.control: Auxiliary for Controlling the inner algorithm in a GAMLSS...

histDist: This function plots the histogram and a fitted (GAMLSS...

histSmo: Density estimation using the Poisson trick

IC: Gives the GAIC for a GAMLSS Object

lms: A function to fit LMS curves for centile estimation

lo: Specify a loess fit in a GAMLSS formula

loglogSurv: Log-Log Survival function plots for checking the tail...

lpred: Extract Linear Predictor Values and Standard Errors For A...

LR.test: Likelihood Ratio test for nested GAMLSS models

model.frame.gamlss: Extract a model.frame, a model matrix or terms from a GAMLSS...

par.plot: A function to plot parallel plot for repeated measurement...

pcat: Reduction for the Levels of a Factor.

pdf.plot: Plots Probability Distribution Functions for GAMLSS Family

plot2way: Function to plot two interaction in a GAMLSS model

plot.gamlss: Plot Residual Diagnostics for an GAMLSS Object

plot.histSmo: A Plotting Function for density estimator object histSmo

polyS: Auxiliary support for the GAMLSS

predict.gamlss: Extract Predictor Values and Standard Errors For New Data In...

print.gamlss: Prints a GAMLSS fitted model Plotting the Profile Deviance for one of the Parameters in a...

prof.term: Plotting the Profile: deviance or information criterion for...

ps: P-Splines Fits in a GAMLSS Formula

Q.stats: A function to calculate the Q-statistics

quantSheets: Quantile Sheets

random: Specify a random intercept model in a GAMLSS formula

refit: Refit a GAMLSS model

residuals.gamlss: Extract Residuals from GAMLSS model

ri: Specify ridge or lasso Regression within a GAMLSS Formula

rqres.plot: Plotting Randomized Quantile Residuals

Rsq: Generalised (Pseudo) R-squared for GAMLSS models

rvcov: Robust Variance-Covariance matrix of the parameters from a...

stepGAIC: Choose a model by GAIC in a Stepwise Algorithm

summary.gamlss: Summarizes a GAMLSS fitted model

term.plot: Plot regression terms for a specified parameter of a fitted...

update.gamlss: Update and Re-fit a GAMLSS Model

VC.test: Vuong and Clarke tests

wp: Worm plot

z.scores: Z-scores for lms objects

Files in this package

gamlss/R/predict.gamlss.R gamlss/R/POLY.R gamlss/R/re_gamlss_lme.R gamlss/R/gen-Likelihood.R gamlss/R/plot2way.R gamlss/R/logLik.R gamlss/R/stepTGDAll-A-parallel.R gamlss/R/random.R gamlss/R/extra.R gamlss/R/term.plot-new.R gamlss/R/centilesPLOT.R gamlss/R/plot.R gamlss/R/HistDist-03-10-13.R gamlss/R/centilescom.R gamlss/R/pb_new.R gamlss/R/PROFILE_new_19-08-12.R gamlss/R/quantSheets.R gamlss/R/VuongClarkTest.R gamlss/R/cy.R gamlss/R/edf.R gamlss/R/LR-test-12-06-2013.R gamlss/R/p-categorical.R gamlss/R/dtop.R gamlss/R/gamlss.R gamlss/R/update.R gamlss/R/pdfplot.R gamlss/R/gamlssVGD.R gamlss/R/pvc.R gamlss/R/centile-pred.R
gamlss/R/get-K-rvcov-16-06-2913.R gamlss/R/lpred.R gamlss/R/stepGAIC-03-10-13..R gamlss/R/FitTail.R gamlss/R/stepTGD.R gamlss/R/fracpoly.R gamlss/R/powerpoly.R gamlss/R/pb_goingtozero.R gamlss/R/confint-gamlss-03-10-13.R gamlss/R/rqres.R gamlss/R/print.R gamlss/R/qstats.R gamlss/R/lo_new.R gamlss/R/pb_03-02-2014.R gamlss/R/getPEF.R gamlss/R/fitDist-17-05-13.R gamlss/R/getSmo-18-6-13.R gamlss/R/rqresplot03-10-13.R gamlss/R/pbc.R gamlss/R/wp-18-5-13.R gamlss/R/acfResid.R gamlss/R/histSmo.R gamlss/R/pbm_new.R gamlss/R/par_plot-21-5-13.R gamlss/R/ridge.R gamlss/R/DropAddStepGAIC-Parallel.R gamlss/R/predictAll.R gamlss/R/SUMMARY.R gamlss/R/findhyper-23-05-13.R gamlss/R/PS.R gamlss/R/profterm_18_05_13.R gamlss/R/centilesFan.R gamlss/R/gamlssML-31-10-13.R gamlss/R/ri.R gamlss/R/stepGAICAll-A-parallel.R gamlss/R/stepGAICAll-B-Parallel.R gamlss/R/fitted-plot.R gamlss/R/lms.R gamlss/R/cubicSplines-10-08-12.R gamlss/R/vcov-gamlss.R
gamlss/man/plot.gamlss.Rd gamlss/man/bfp.Rd gamlss/man/cs.Rd gamlss/man/gamlss.fp.Rd gamlss/man/getSmo.Rd gamlss/man/edf.Rd gamlss/man/histDist.Rd gamlss/man/findhyper.Rd gamlss/man/lpred.Rd gamlss/man/polyS.Rd gamlss/man/residuals.gamlss.Rd gamlss/man/term.plot.Rd gamlss/man/deviance.gamlss.Rd gamlss/man/rvcov.Rd gamlss/man/gamlssML.Rd gamlss/man/fittedPlot.Rd gamlss/man/VC.test.Rd gamlss/man/update.gamlss.Rd gamlss/man/gamlss.Rd gamlss/man/Q.stats.Rd gamlss/man/gamlss.package.Rd gamlss/man/formula.gamlss.Rd gamlss/man/summary.gamlss.Rd gamlss/man/lo.Rd gamlss/man/gen.likelihood.Rd gamlss/man/ps.Rd gamlss/man/plot2way.Rd gamlss/man/calibration.Rd gamlss/man/z.scores.Rd gamlss/man/gamlss.cs.Rd gamlss/man/print.gamlss.Rd gamlss/man/centiles.Rd gamlss/man/gamlss.scope.Rd gamlss/man/pdf.plot.Rd gamlss/man/dtop.Rd gamlss/man/fitDist.Rd gamlss/man/predict.gamlss.Rd gamlss/man/rqres.plot.Rd gamlss/man/gamlss.lo.Rd gamlss/man/ gamlss/man/par.plot.Rd gamlss/man/centiles.split.Rd gamlss/man/ri.Rd gamlss/man/ gamlss/man/random.Rd gamlss/man/getPEF.Rd gamlss/man/quantSheets.Rd gamlss/man/acfResid.Rd gamlss/man/stepGAIC.Rd gamlss/man/IC.Rd gamlss/man/gamlss.control.Rd gamlss/man/glim.control.Rd gamlss/man/histSmo.Rd gamlss/man/model.frame.gamlss.Rd gamlss/man/refit.Rd gamlss/man/ gamlss/man/fitted.gamlss.Rd gamlss/man/lms.Rd gamlss/man/plot.histSmo.Rd gamlss/man/prof.term.Rd gamlss/man/gamlss.random.Rd gamlss/man/Rsq.Rd gamlss/man/centiles.pred.Rd gamlss/man/LR.test.Rd gamlss/man/pcat.Rd gamlss/man/loglogSurv.Rd gamlss/man/coef.gamlss.Rd gamlss/man/ gamlss/man/wp.Rd gamlss/man/gamlssVGD.Rd

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