gamlss: Generalised Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape

Functions for fitting, displaying and checking GAMLSS Models.

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AuthorMikis Stasinopoulos [aut, cre, cph], Bob Rigby [aut], Vlasios Voudouris [ctb], Calliope Akantziliotou [ctb], Marco Enea [ctb], Daniil Kiose [ctb]
Date of publication2016-11-21 12:01:45
MaintainerMikis Stasinopoulos <>
LicenseGPL-2 | GPL-3

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Man pages

acfResid: ACF plot of the residuals Implementing Backfitting in GAMLSS

bfp: Functions to fit fractional polynomials in GAMLSS

calibration: Calibrating centile curves

centiles: Plots the centile curves for a GAMLSS object Comparing centiles from different GAMLSS models

centiles.pred: Creating predictive centiles values

centiles.split: Plots centile curves split by x for a GAMLSS object

coef.gamlss: Extract Model Coefficients in a GAMLSS fitted model

cs: Specify a Smoothing Cubic Spline Fit in a GAMLSS Formula

deviance.gamlss: Global Deviance of a GAMLSS model

dtop: Detrended transformed Owen's plot

edf: Effective degrees of freedom from gamlss model

findhyper: A function to select values of hyper-parameters in a GAMLSS...

fitDist: Fits Different Parametric '' distributions to...

fitted.gamlss: Extract Fitted Values For A GAMLSS Model

fittedPlot: Plots The Fitted Values of a GAMLSS Model

formula.gamlss: Extract the Model Formula in a GAMLSS fitted model

gamlss: Generalized Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape

gamlss.control: Auxiliary for Controlling GAMLSS Fitting

gamlss.cs: Support for Function cs() and scs()

gamlss.fp: Support for Function fp()

gamlss.lo: Support for Function lo()

gamlssML: Maximum Likelihood estimation of a simple GAMLSS model

gamlss.package: The GAMLSS library and datasets Support for Functions for smoothers

gamlss.random: Support for Functions random() and re()

gamlss.scope: Generate a Scope Argument for Stepwise GAMLSS

gamlssVGD: A Set of Functions for selecting Models using Validation or...

gen.likelihood: A function to generate the likelihood function from a GAMLSS...

getPEF: Getting the partial effect function from a continuous term in...

getSmo: Extracting Smoother information from a GAMLSS fitted object

glim.control: Auxiliary for Controlling the inner algorithm in a GAMLSS...

histDist: This function plots the histogram and a fitted (GAMLSS...

histSmo: Density estimation using the Poisson trick

IC: Gives the GAIC for a GAMLSS Object

lms: A function to fit LMS curves for centile estimation

lo: Specify a loess fit in a GAMLSS formula

loglogSurv: Log-Log Survival function plots for checking the tail...

lpred: Extract Linear Predictor Values and Standard Errors For A...

LR.test: Likelihood Ratio test for nested GAMLSS models

model.frame.gamlss: Extract a model.frame, a model matrix or terms from a GAMLSS...

par.plot: A function to plot parallel plot for repeated measurement...

pcat: Reduction for the Levels of a Factor.

pdf.plot: Plots Probability Distribution Functions for GAMLSS Family

plot2way: Function to plot two interaction in a GAMLSS model

plot.gamlss: Plot Residual Diagnostics for an GAMLSS Object

plot.histSmo: A Plotting Function for density estimator object histSmo

polyS: Auxiliary support for the GAMLSS

predict.gamlss: Extract Predictor Values and Standard Errors For New Data In...

print.gamlss: Prints a GAMLSS fitted model Plotting the Profile Deviance for one of the Parameters in a...

prof.term: Plotting the Profile: deviance or information criterion for...

ps: P-Splines Fits in a GAMLSS Formula

Q.stats: A function to calculate the Q-statistics

quantSheets: Quantile Sheets

random: Specify a random intercept model in a GAMLSS formula

refit: Refit a GAMLSS model

residuals.gamlss: Extract Residuals from GAMLSS model

ri: Specify ridge or lasso Regression within a GAMLSS Formula

rqres.plot: Plotting Randomized Quantile Residuals

Rsq: Generalised (Pseudo) R-squared for GAMLSS models

rvcov: Robust Variance-Covariance matrix of the parameters from a...

stepGAIC: Choose a model by GAIC in a Stepwise Algorithm

summary.gamlss: Summarizes a GAMLSS fitted model

term.plot: Plot regression terms for a specified parameter of a fitted...

update.gamlss: Update and Re-fit a GAMLSS Model

VC.test: Vuong and Clarke tests

wp: Worm plot

z.scores: Z-scores for lms objects


acfResid Man page
add1All Man page
add1TGD Man page Man page
AIC.gamlss Man page
bfp Man page
calibration Man page
centiles Man page Man page Man page
centiles.pred Man page
centiles.split Man page
coef.gamlss Man page
cs Man page
cs.control Man page
CV Man page
cy Man page
cy.control Man page
deviance.gamlss Man page
drop1All Man page
drop1TGD Man page
dtop Man page
edf Man page
edfAll Man page
extractAIC.gamlss Man page
find.hyper Man page
findPower Man page
fitDist Man page
fitted.gamlss Man page
fittedPlot Man page
formula.gamlss Man page
fp Man page
fv Man page
GAIC Man page
gamlss Man page
gamlss.control Man page
gamlss.cs Man page
gamlssCV Man page Man page
gamlss.fp Man page
gamlss.lo Man page
gamlssML Man page
gamlssNews Man page
gamlss-package Man page
gamlss.pb Man page
gamlss.pbc Man page
gamlss.pbm Man page
gamlss.pbo Man page
gamlss.pbz Man page
gamlss.pcat Man page
gamlss.pp Man page Man page
gamlss.pvc Man page
gamlss.random Man page Man page
gamlss.ri Man page
gamlss.scope Man page
gamlssVGD Man page
gen.likelihood Man page
get.K Man page
getPEF Man page
getSmo Man page
getTGD Man page
getZmatrix Man page
glim.control Man page
histDist Man page
histSmo Man page
histSmoC Man page
histSmoO Man page
histSmoP Man page
IC Man page
is.gamlss Man page
lms Man page
lo Man page
lo.control Man page
loglogSurv Man page
loglogSurv1 Man page
loglogSurv2 Man page
loglogSurv3 Man page
logSurv Man page
lp Man page
lpred Man page
LR.test Man page
model.frame.gamlss Man page
model.matrix.gamlss Man page
par.plot Man page
pb Man page
pbc Man page
pbc.control Man page
pb.control Man page
pbm Man page
pbm.control Man page
pbo Man page
pbo.control Man page
pbz Man page
pbz.control Man page
pcat Man page
pdf.plot Man page
plot2way Man page
plotDF Man page
plot.gamlss Man page
plot.histSmo Man page
plotLambda Man page
poly.matrix Man page
polyS Man page
pp Man page
predictAll Man page
predict.gamlss Man page
print.gamlss Man page Man page
prof.term Man page
ps Man page
pvc Man page
pvc.control Man page
Q.stats Man page
quantSheets Man page
quantSheets.control Man page
random Man page
re Man page
refit Man page
residuals.gamlss Man page
ri Man page
rqres.plot Man page
Rsq Man page
rvcov Man page
scs Man page
stepGAIC Man page
stepGAICAll.A Man page
stepGAICAll.B Man page
stepGAIC.CH Man page
stepGAIC.VR Man page
stepTGD Man page
stepTGDAll.A Man page
summary.gamlss Man page
term.plot Man page
terms.gamlss Man page
TGD Man page
update.gamlss Man page
VC.test Man page
VGD Man page
vis.lo Man page
wp Man page
z.scores Man page
z.scoresQS Man page


R/predict.gamlss.R R/POLY.R R/re_gamlss_lme.R R/gen-Likelihood.R R/plot2way.R R/logLik.R R/stepTGDAll-A-parallel.R R/random.R R/extra.R R/term.plot-new.R R/centilesPLOT.R R/plot.R R/HistDist-03-10-13.R R/centilescom.R R/pb_new.R R/PROFILE_new_19-08-12.R R/quantSheets.R R/VuongClarkTest.R R/cy.R R/edf.R R/LR-test-12-06-2013.R R/p-categorical.R R/dtop.R R/gamlss.R R/update.R R/pdfplot.R R/gamlssVGD.R R/pvc.R R/centile-pred.R R/add.r R/get-K-rvcov-16-06-2913.R R/lpred.R R/stepGAIC-03-10-13..R R/FitTail.R R/stepTGD.R R/fracpoly.R R/powerpoly.R R/pb_goingtozero.R R/confint-gamlss-03-10-13.R R/rqres.R R/print.R R/qstats.R R/lo_new.R R/pb_03-02-2014.R R/getPEF.R R/fitDist-17-05-13.R R/getSmo-18-6-13.R R/rqresplot03-10-13.R R/pbc.R R/wp-18-5-13.R R/acfResid.R R/histSmo.R R/pbm_new.R R/par_plot-21-5-13.R R/ridge.R R/DropAddStepGAIC-Parallel.R R/predictAll.R R/SUMMARY.R R/findhyper-23-05-13.R R/PS.R R/profterm_18_05_13.R R/centilesFan.R R/gamlssML-31-10-13.R R/ri.R R/stepGAICAll-A-parallel.R R/stepGAICAll-B-Parallel.R R/fitted-plot.R R/lms.R R/cubicSplines-10-08-12.R R/vcov-gamlss.R
man/plot.gamlss.Rd man/bfp.Rd man/cs.Rd man/gamlss.fp.Rd man/getSmo.Rd man/edf.Rd man/histDist.Rd man/findhyper.Rd man/lpred.Rd man/polyS.Rd man/residuals.gamlss.Rd man/term.plot.Rd man/deviance.gamlss.Rd man/rvcov.Rd man/gamlssML.Rd man/fittedPlot.Rd man/VC.test.Rd man/update.gamlss.Rd man/gamlss.Rd man/Q.stats.Rd man/gamlss.package.Rd man/formula.gamlss.Rd man/summary.gamlss.Rd man/lo.Rd man/gen.likelihood.Rd man/ps.Rd man/plot2way.Rd man/calibration.Rd man/z.scores.Rd man/gamlss.cs.Rd man/print.gamlss.Rd man/centiles.Rd man/gamlss.scope.Rd man/pdf.plot.Rd man/dtop.Rd man/fitDist.Rd man/predict.gamlss.Rd man/rqres.plot.Rd man/gamlss.lo.Rd man/ man/par.plot.Rd man/centiles.split.Rd man/ri.Rd man/ man/random.Rd man/getPEF.Rd man/quantSheets.Rd man/acfResid.Rd man/stepGAIC.Rd man/IC.Rd man/gamlss.control.Rd man/glim.control.Rd man/histSmo.Rd man/model.frame.gamlss.Rd man/refit.Rd man/ man/fitted.gamlss.Rd man/lms.Rd man/plot.histSmo.Rd man/prof.term.Rd man/gamlss.random.Rd man/Rsq.Rd man/centiles.pred.Rd man/LR.test.Rd man/pcat.Rd man/loglogSurv.Rd man/coef.gamlss.Rd man/ man/wp.Rd man/gamlssVGD.Rd

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