Man pages for gamlss
Generalised Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape

acfResidACF plot of the residuals
additive.fitImplementing Backfitting in GAMLSS
bfpFunctions to fit fractional polynomials in GAMLSS
calibrationCalibrating centile curves
centilesPlots the centile curves for a GAMLSS object
centiles.comComparing centiles from different GAMLSS models
centiles.predCreating predictive centiles values
centiles.splitPlots centile curves split by x for a GAMLSS object
coef.gamlssExtract Model Coefficients in a GAMLSS fitted model
csSpecify a Smoothing Cubic Spline Fit in a GAMLSS Formula
deviance.gamlssGlobal Deviance of a GAMLSS model
DevianceIncrThe global deviance increment
dtopDetrended transformed Owen's plot
edfEffective degrees of freedom from gamlss model
findhyperA function to select values of hyper-parameters in a GAMLSS...
fitDistFitting Different Parametric '' Distributions.
fitted.gamlssExtract Fitted Values For A GAMLSS Model
fittedPlotPlots The Fitted Values of a GAMLSS Model
formula.gamlssExtract the Model Formula in a GAMLSS fitted model
gamlssGeneralized Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape
gamlss.controlAuxiliary for Controlling GAMLSS Fitting
gamlss.csSupport for Function cs() and scs()
gamlss.fpSupport for Function fp()
gamlss.loSupport for Function lo()
gamlssMLMaximum Likelihood estimation of a simple GAMLSS model
gamlss-packageGeneralised Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape
gamlss.psSupport for Functions for smoothers
gamlss.randomSupport for Functions random() and re()
gamlss.scopeGenerate a Scope Argument for Stepwise GAMLSS
gamlssVGDA Set of Functions for selecting Models using Validation or...
gen.likelihoodA function to generate the likelihood function from a GAMLSS...
getPEFGetting the partial effect function from a continuous term in...
getQuantileGetting the partial quantile function for a term
getSmoExtracting Smoother information from a GAMLSS fitted object
glim.controlAuxiliary for Controlling the inner algorithm in a GAMLSS...
histDistThis function plots the histogram and a fitted (GAMLSS...
histSmoDensity estimation using the Poisson trick
ICGives the GAIC for a GAMLSS Object
lmsA function to fit LMS curves for centile estimation
loSpecify a loess fit in a GAMLSS formula
loglogSurvSurvival function plots for checking the tail behaviour of...
lpredExtract Linear Predictor Values and Standard Errors For A...
LR.testLikelihood Ratio test for nested GAMLSS models
model.frame.gamlssExtract a model.frame, a model matrix or terms from a GAMLSS...
numeric.derivAn internal GAMLSS function for numerical derivatives
par.plotA function to plot parallel plot for repeated measurement...
pcatReduction for the Levels of a Factor.
pdf.plotPlots Probability Distribution Functions for GAMLSS Family
plot2wayFunction to plot two interaction in a GAMLSS model
plot.gamlssPlot Residual Diagnostics for an GAMLSS Object
plot.histSmoA Plotting Function for density estimator object histSmo
polySAuxiliary support for the GAMLSS
predict.gamlssExtract Predictor Values and Standard Errors For New Data In...
print.gamlssPrints a GAMLSS fitted model
prof.devPlotting the Profile Deviance for one of the Parameters in a...
prof.termPlotting the Profile: deviance or information criterion for...
psP-Splines Fits in a GAMLSS Formula
Q.statsA function to calculate the Q-statistics
quantSheetsQuantile Sheets
randomSpecify a random intercept model in a GAMLSS formula
refitRefit a GAMLSS model
residuals.gamlssExtract Residuals from GAMLSS model
riSpecify ridge or lasso Regression within a GAMLSS Formula
rqres.plotCreating and Plotting Randomized Quantile Residuals
RsqGeneralised (Pseudo) R-squared for GAMLSS models
rvcovRobust Variance-Covariance matrix of the parameters from a...
stepGAICChoose a model by GAIC in a Stepwise Algorithm
summary.gamlssSummarizes a GAMLSS fitted model
term.plotPlot regression terms for a specified parameter of a fitted...
update.gamlssUpdate and Re-fit a GAMLSS Model
VC.testVuong and Clarke tests
wpWorm plot
z.scoresZ-scores for lms objects
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