Defines functions install_genderdata_package check_genderdata_package

Documented in check_genderdata_package install_genderdata_package

#' Check whether to install data for gender function and install if necessary
#' If the genderdata package is not installed, install it from GitHub using
#' devtools. If it is not up to date, reinstall it.
#' @export
check_genderdata_package <- function() {
  genderdata_version <- "0.6.0"
  if (!requireNamespace("genderdata", quietly = TRUE)) {
    message("The genderdata package needs to be installed.")
  } else if (utils::packageVersion("genderdata") < genderdata_version) {
    message("The genderdata package needs to be updated.")

#' Install the genderdata package after checking with the user
#' @export
install_genderdata_package <- function() {
  instructions <- paste(" Please try installing the package for yourself",
                        "using the following command: \n",
  "    remotes::install_github(\"lmullen/genderdata\")\n")

  error_func <- function(e) {
    cat(paste("\nFailed to install the genderdata package.\n", instructions))

  if (interactive()) {
    input <- utils::menu(c("Yes", "No"),
                         title = "Install the genderdata package?")
    if (input == 1) {
      message("Installing the genderdata package.")
               error = error_func, warning = error_func)
    } else {
      stop(paste("The genderdata package is necessary for that method.\n",
  } else {
    stop(paste("Failed to install the genderdata package.\n", instructions))

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