geoR: Analysis of Geostatistical Data

Geostatistical analysis including traditional, likelihood-based and Bayesian methods.

AuthorPaulo J. Ribeiro Jr <> and Peter J. Diggle <>
Date of publication2016-05-02 14:27:02
MaintainerPaulo J. Ribeiro Jr <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

as.geodata: Converts an Object to the Class "geodata"

BoxCox: The Box-Cox Transformed Normal Distribution

boxcoxfit: Parameter Estimation for the Box-Cox Transformation

boxcox.geodata: Box-Cox transformation for geodata objects

ca20: Calcium content in soil samples

camg: Calcium and magnesium content in soil samples

coords2coords: Operations on Coordinates

coords.aniso: Geometric Anisotropy Correction

cov.spatial: Computes Value of the Covariance Function

dup.coords: Locates duplicated coordinates

elevation: Surface Elevations

eyefit: Interactive Variogram Estimation

gambia: Gambia Malaria Data

geoR-defunct: Defunct Functions in the Package geoR

geoR-internal: geoR internal functions

globalvar: Computes global variance

grf: Simulation of Gaussian Random Fields

head: Head observations in a regional confined aquifer

hist.krige.bayes: Plots Sample from Posterior Distributions

hoef: Data for spatial analysis of experiments

image.grf: Image, Contour or Perspective Plot of Simulated Gaussian...

image.krige.bayes: Plots Results of the Predictive Distribution

image.kriging: Image or Perspective Plot with Kriging Results

InvChisquare: The (Scaled) Inverse Chi-Squared Distribution

isaaks: Data from Isaaks and Srisvastava's book

jitterDupCoords: Jitters (duplicated) coordinates.

kattegat: Kattegat basin salinity data

krige.bayes: Bayesian Analysis for Gaussian Geostatistical Models

krige.conv: Spatial Prediction - Conventional Kriging

krweights: Computes kriging weights

Ksat: Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity

ksline: Spatial Prediction - Conventional Kriging

landim1: Data from Landim's book

legend.krige: Add a legend to a image with kriging results

likfit: Likelihood Based Parameter Estimation for Gaussian Random...

likfitBGCCM: Fits the bivariate Gaussian common component geostatistical...

lines.krige.bayes: Adds a Bayesian Estimate of the Variogram to a Plot

lines.variogram: Line with a Empirical Variogram

lines.variogram.envelope: Adds Envelopes Lines to a Variogram Plot

lines.variomodel: Adds a Line with a Variogram Model to a Variogram Plot

lines.variomodel.grf: Lines with True Variogram for Simulated Data

lines.variomodel.likGRF: Adds a Variogram Line to a Variogram Plot

lines.variomodel.variofit: Adds a Line with a Fitted Variogram Model to a Variogram Plot

locations.inside: Select prediction locations inside borders

loglik.GRF: Log-Likelihood for a Gaussian Random Field

matern: Computer Values of the Matern Correlation Function

names.geodata: Lists names of the key elements of a geodata object

nearloc: Near location to a point

nlmP: Adapts nlm for Constraints in the Parameter Values

output.control: Defines output options for prediction functions

parana: Rainfall Data from Parana State, Brasil

pars.limits: Set limits for the parameter values

plot.geodata: Exploratory Geostatistical Plots

plot.grf: Plots Variograms for Simulated Data

plot.krige.bayes: Plots Prior and/or Posterior Distributions

plot.proflik: Plots Profile Likelihoods

plot.variog4: Plot Directional Variograms

plot.variogram: Plot Empirical Variogram

plot.xvalid: Plot Cross-Validation Results

points.geodata: Plots Spatial Locations and Data Values

polygrid: Coordinates of Points Inside a Polygon

practicalRange: Pratical range for correlation functions

pred_grid: Generates a 2D Prediction Grid

predict.BGCCM: Prediction for the bivariate Gaussian common component...

print.BGCCM: Prints an summary of of the output from likfitBGCCM.

proflik: Computes Profile Likelihoods

read.geodata: Reads and Converts Data to geoR Format

s100: Simulated Data-Sets which Illustrate the Usage of the Package...

s256i: Simulated Data-Set which Illustrate the Usage of krige.bayes

sample.geodata: Sampling from geodata objects

sample.posterior: Samples from the posterior distribution

sample.prior: Sample the prior distribution

set.coords.lims: Sets Limits to Scale Plots

SIC: Spatial Interpolation Comparison data

soil250: Soil chemistry properties data set

soja98: Soya bean production and other variables in a uniformity...

statistics.predictive: Summary statistics from predictive distributions

subarea: Selects a Subarea from a Geodata Object

subset.geodata: Method for subsetting geodata objects

summary.geodata: Summaries for geodata object

summary.likGRF: Summarizes Parameter Estimation Results for Gaussian Random...

summary.variofit: Summarize Results of Variogram Estimation

tce: TCE concentrations in groundwater in a vertical cross section

trend.spatial: Builds the Trend Matrix

varcovBGCCM: Covariance matrix for the bivariate Gaussian common component...

varcov.spatial: Computes Covariance Matrix and Related Results

variofit: Variogram Based Parameter Estimation

variog: Compute Empirical Variograms

variog4: Computes Directional Variograms Envelops for Empirical Variograms Based on Permutation

variog.model.env: Envelops for Empirical Variograms Based on Model Parameters

wo: Kriging example data from Webster and Oliver

wolfcamp: Wolfcamp Aquifer Data

wrappers: Wrappers for the C functions used in geoR

wrc: Points of a water retention curve data set

xvalid: Cross-validation by kriging

Files in this package

geoR/R/variofit.R geoR/R/ksline.R geoR/R/bivar.R geoR/R/geoRdefunct.R geoR/R/geoRmisc.R geoR/R/geobayes.R geoR/R/corcov.R geoR/R/eyefit.R geoR/R/variogram.R geoR/R/xvalid.R geoR/R/geodata.R geoR/R/profiles.R geoR/R/simul.R geoR/R/auxiliar.R geoR/R/likGRF.R geoR/R/krweights.R geoR/R/Cwrappers.R geoR/R/kriging.R geoR/R/zzz.R geoR/R/boxcox.R
geoR/man/nearloc.Rd geoR/man/coords.aniso.Rd geoR/man/wo.Rd geoR/man/matern.Rd geoR/man/geoR-internal.Rd geoR/man/proflik.Rd geoR/man/plot.xvalid.Rd geoR/man/names.geodata.Rd geoR/man/summary.likGRF.Rd geoR/man/head.Rd geoR/man/globalvar.Rd geoR/man/lines.variogram.envelope.Rd geoR/man/tce.Rd geoR/man/soja98.Rd geoR/man/nlmP.Rd geoR/man/krige.conv.Rd geoR/man/print.BGCCM.Rd geoR/man/boxcoxfit.Rd geoR/man/krweights.Rd geoR/man/grf.Rd geoR/man/image.krige.bayes.Rd geoR/man/hist.krige.bayes.Rd geoR/man/s100.Rd geoR/man/lines.variomodel.variofit.Rd geoR/man/ca20.Rd geoR/man/plot.geodata.Rd geoR/man/as.geodata.Rd geoR/man/xvalid.Rd geoR/man/likfit.Rd geoR/man/hoef.Rd geoR/man/variofit.Rd geoR/man/wolfcamp.Rd geoR/man/cov.spatial.Rd geoR/man/output.control.Rd geoR/man/InvChisquare.Rd geoR/man/kattegat.Rd geoR/man/gambia.Rd geoR/man/lines.variomodel.Rd geoR/man/boxcox.geodata.Rd geoR/man/summary.variofit.Rd geoR/man/plot.grf.Rd geoR/man/variog.model.env.Rd geoR/man/plot.krige.bayes.Rd geoR/man/sample.prior.Rd geoR/man/set.coords.lims.Rd geoR/man/parana.Rd geoR/man/varcov.spatial.Rd geoR/man/sample.geodata.Rd geoR/man/BoxCox.Rd geoR/man/dup.coords.Rd geoR/man/subset.geodata.Rd geoR/man/elevation.Rd geoR/man/read.geodata.Rd geoR/man/lines.krige.bayes.Rd geoR/man/polygrid.Rd geoR/man/pred_grid.Rd geoR/man/soil250.Rd geoR/man/camg.Rd geoR/man/plot.proflik.Rd geoR/man/variog.Rd geoR/man/krige.bayes.Rd geoR/man/practicalRange.Rd geoR/man/predict.BGCCM.Rd geoR/man/lines.variogram.Rd geoR/man/image.grf.Rd geoR/man/subarea.Rd geoR/man/wrappers.Rd geoR/man/coords2coords.Rd geoR/man/ksline.Rd geoR/man/lines.variomodel.likGRF.Rd geoR/man/varcovBGCCM.Rd geoR/man/trend.spatial.Rd geoR/man/plot.variog4.Rd geoR/man/statistics.predictive.Rd geoR/man/lines.variomodel.grf.Rd geoR/man/SIC.Rd geoR/man/ geoR/man/sample.posterior.Rd geoR/man/likfitBGCCM.Rd geoR/man/pars.limits.Rd geoR/man/points.geodata.Rd geoR/man/s256i.Rd geoR/man/Ksat.Rd geoR/man/loglik.GRF.Rd geoR/man/wrc.Rd geoR/man/isaaks.Rd geoR/man/locations.inside.Rd geoR/man/summary.geodata.Rd geoR/man/geoR-defunct.Rd geoR/man/image.kriging.Rd geoR/man/legend.krige.Rd geoR/man/jitterDupCoords.Rd geoR/man/variog4.Rd geoR/man/landim1.Rd geoR/man/plot.variogram.Rd geoR/man/eyefit.Rd

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