geoR: Analysis of Geostatistical Data

Geostatistical analysis including traditional, likelihood-based and Bayesian methods.

AuthorPaulo J. Ribeiro Jr <> and Peter J. Diggle <>
Date of publication2016-05-02 14:27:02
MaintainerPaulo J. Ribeiro Jr <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

as.geodata: Converts an Object to the Class "geodata"

BoxCox: The Box-Cox Transformed Normal Distribution

boxcoxfit: Parameter Estimation for the Box-Cox Transformation

boxcox.geodata: Box-Cox transformation for geodata objects

ca20: Calcium content in soil samples

camg: Calcium and magnesium content in soil samples

coords2coords: Operations on Coordinates

coords.aniso: Geometric Anisotropy Correction

cov.spatial: Computes Value of the Covariance Function

dup.coords: Locates duplicated coordinates

elevation: Surface Elevations

eyefit: Interactive Variogram Estimation

gambia: Gambia Malaria Data

geoR-defunct: Defunct Functions in the Package geoR

geoR-internal: geoR internal functions

globalvar: Computes global variance

grf: Simulation of Gaussian Random Fields

head: Head observations in a regional confined aquifer

hist.krige.bayes: Plots Sample from Posterior Distributions

hoef: Data for spatial analysis of experiments

image.grf: Image, Contour or Perspective Plot of Simulated Gaussian...

image.krige.bayes: Plots Results of the Predictive Distribution

image.kriging: Image or Perspective Plot with Kriging Results

InvChisquare: The (Scaled) Inverse Chi-Squared Distribution

isaaks: Data from Isaaks and Srisvastava's book

jitterDupCoords: Jitters (duplicated) coordinates.

kattegat: Kattegat basin salinity data

krige.bayes: Bayesian Analysis for Gaussian Geostatistical Models

krige.conv: Spatial Prediction - Conventional Kriging

krweights: Computes kriging weights

Ksat: Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity

ksline: Spatial Prediction - Conventional Kriging

landim1: Data from Landim's book

legend.krige: Add a legend to a image with kriging results

likfit: Likelihood Based Parameter Estimation for Gaussian Random...

likfitBGCCM: Fits the bivariate Gaussian common component geostatistical...

lines.krige.bayes: Adds a Bayesian Estimate of the Variogram to a Plot

lines.variogram: Line with a Empirical Variogram

lines.variogram.envelope: Adds Envelopes Lines to a Variogram Plot

lines.variomodel: Adds a Line with a Variogram Model to a Variogram Plot

lines.variomodel.grf: Lines with True Variogram for Simulated Data

lines.variomodel.likGRF: Adds a Variogram Line to a Variogram Plot

lines.variomodel.variofit: Adds a Line with a Fitted Variogram Model to a Variogram Plot

locations.inside: Select prediction locations inside borders

loglik.GRF: Log-Likelihood for a Gaussian Random Field

matern: Computer Values of the Matern Correlation Function

names.geodata: Lists names of the key elements of a geodata object

nearloc: Near location to a point

nlmP: Adapts nlm for Constraints in the Parameter Values

output.control: Defines output options for prediction functions

parana: Rainfall Data from Parana State, Brasil

pars.limits: Set limits for the parameter values

plot.geodata: Exploratory Geostatistical Plots

plot.grf: Plots Variograms for Simulated Data

plot.krige.bayes: Plots Prior and/or Posterior Distributions

plot.proflik: Plots Profile Likelihoods

plot.variog4: Plot Directional Variograms

plot.variogram: Plot Empirical Variogram

plot.xvalid: Plot Cross-Validation Results

points.geodata: Plots Spatial Locations and Data Values

polygrid: Coordinates of Points Inside a Polygon

practicalRange: Pratical range for correlation functions

pred_grid: Generates a 2D Prediction Grid

predict.BGCCM: Prediction for the bivariate Gaussian common component...

print.BGCCM: Prints an summary of of the output from likfitBGCCM.

proflik: Computes Profile Likelihoods

read.geodata: Reads and Converts Data to geoR Format

s100: Simulated Data-Sets which Illustrate the Usage of the Package...

s256i: Simulated Data-Set which Illustrate the Usage of krige.bayes

sample.geodata: Sampling from geodata objects

sample.posterior: Samples from the posterior distribution

sample.prior: Sample the prior distribution

set.coords.lims: Sets Limits to Scale Plots

SIC: Spatial Interpolation Comparison data

soil250: Soil chemistry properties data set

soja98: Soya bean production and other variables in a uniformity...

statistics.predictive: Summary statistics from predictive distributions

subarea: Selects a Subarea from a Geodata Object

subset.geodata: Method for subsetting geodata objects

summary.geodata: Summaries for geodata object

summary.likGRF: Summarizes Parameter Estimation Results for Gaussian Random...

summary.variofit: Summarize Results of Variogram Estimation

tce: TCE concentrations in groundwater in a vertical cross section

trend.spatial: Builds the Trend Matrix

varcovBGCCM: Covariance matrix for the bivariate Gaussian common component...

varcov.spatial: Computes Covariance Matrix and Related Results

variofit: Variogram Based Parameter Estimation

variog: Compute Empirical Variograms

variog4: Computes Directional Variograms Envelops for Empirical Variograms Based on Permutation

variog.model.env: Envelops for Empirical Variograms Based on Model Parameters

wo: Kriging example data from Webster and Oliver

wolfcamp: Wolfcamp Aquifer Data

wrappers: Wrappers for the C functions used in geoR

wrc: Points of a water retention curve data set

xvalid: Cross-validation by kriging

Functions Man page
as.geodata Man page
as.geodata.default Man page
as.geodata.geodata.frame Man page
as.geodata.SpatialPointsDataFrame Man page
backtransform.moments Man page
BCtransform Man page Man page
.bilinearformXAY Man page
boot.variofit Man page
boxcoxfit Man page
boxcox.geodata Man page
ca20 Man page
camg Man page
.Ccor.spatial Man page
.check.borders Man page
.check.coords Man page
.check.cov.model Man page
.check.locations Man page
check.parameters.values Man page
.cond.sim Man page
contour.grf Man page
contour.krige.bayes Man page
contour.kriging Man page
coords2coords Man page
coords.aniso Man page
.cor.number Man page
.corr.diaglowertri Man page
.cov012.model Man page
cov.spatial Man page
dboxcox Man page
.define.bins Man page
.diagquadraticformXAX Man page
diffpairs Man page
dinvchisq Man page
.dist12 Man page
distdiag Man page
distdiag Man page
dup.coords Man page
dup.coords.default Man page
dup.coords.geodata Man page
duplicated.geodata Man page
elevation Man page
eyefit Man page
fitted.likGRF Man page
gambia Man page
gambia.borders Man page Man page
geodata Man page
geoR2RF Man page
geoRCovModels Man page
geoRdefunct Man page
.geoR_fullGrid Man page
.geoR_inout Man page
.geoR_pip Man page
globalvar Man page
grf Man page
.grf.aux1 Man page
grfclass Man page
head Man page
hist.krige.bayes Man page
hoef Man page
image.grf Man page
image.krige.bayes Man page
image.kriging Man page
isaaks Man page
is.geodata Man page
jitter2d Man page
jitterDupCoords Man page
jitterDupCoords.default Man page
jitterDupCoords.geodata Man page
kattegat Man page
krige.bayes Man page
krige.control Man page
krige.conv Man page
krweights Man page
Ksat Man page
ksline Man page
.ksline.aux.1 Man page
landim1 Man page
.ldots.set Man page
legend.krige Man page
likfit Man page
likfit Man page
likfitBGCCM Man page
likfit.limits Man page
likfit.nospatial Man page
likfit.old Man page
lines.boxcoxfit Man page
lines.eyefit Man page
lines.grf Man page
lines.variogram Man page
lines.variogram.envelope Man page
lines.variomodel Man page
lines.variomodel.default Man page
lines.variomodel.grf Man page
lines.variomodel.krige.bayes Man page
lines.variomodel.likGRF Man page
lines.variomodel.variofit Man page
locations.inside Man page
loccoords Man page
loglikBGCCM Man page
loglik.GRF Man page
logLik.likGRF Man page
logLik.likGRF Man page
loglik.spatial Man page
.loss.vario Man page
maijun Man page
matern Man page
model.control Man page
.naiveLL.BGCCM Man page
names.geodata Man page
nearloc Man page
.negloglikBGCCM Man page
.negloglik.boxcox Man page
.negloglik.GRF Man page
.nlmP Man page
olsfit Man page
output.control Man page
parana Man page
pars.limits Man page
persp.grf Man page
persp.krige.bayes Man page
persp.kriging Man page
plot.1d Man page
plot.boxcoxfit Man page
plot.eyefit Man page
plot.geodata Man page
plot.grf Man page
plot.krige.bayes Man page
plot.proflik Man page
plot.variog4 Man page
plot.variogram Man page
plot.xvalid Man page
points.geodata Man page
polygrid Man page
post2prior Man page
practicalRange Man page
pred_grid Man page
predict.BGCCM Man page
.prepare.graph.krige.bayes Man page
.prepare.graph.kriging Man page
print.betavar Man page
print.BGCCM Man page
print.boxcoxfit Man page
print.eyefit Man page
print.grf Man page
print.krige.bayes Man page
print.likGRF Man page
print.posterior.krige.bayes Man page
print.summary.eyefit Man page
print.summary.geodata Man page
print.summary.likGRF Man page
print.summary.variofit Man page
print.summary.xvalid Man page
print.variofit Man page
prior.control Man page
proflik Man page
.proflik.aux0 Man page
.proflik.aux1 Man page
.proflik.aux10 Man page
.proflik.aux11 Man page
.proflik.aux1.1 Man page
.proflik.aux12 Man page
.proflik.aux13 Man page
.proflik.aux14 Man page
.proflik.aux15 Man page
.proflik.aux16 Man page
.proflik.aux17 Man page
.proflik.aux18 Man page
.proflik.aux19 Man page
.proflik.aux2 Man page
.proflik.aux20 Man page
.proflik.aux21 Man page
.proflik.aux21.1 Man page
.proflik.aux22 Man page
.proflik.aux23 Man page
.proflik.aux24 Man page
.proflik.aux27 Man page
.proflik.aux28 Man page
.proflik.aux3 Man page
.proflik.aux30 Man page
.proflik.aux31 Man page
.proflik.aux32 Man page
.proflik.aux33 Man page
.proflik.aux4 Man page
.proflik.aux5 Man page
.proflik.aux6 Man page
.proflik.aux7 Man page
.proflik.aux8 Man page
.proflik.aux9 Man page
.proflik.cov Man page
.proflik.ftau Man page
.proflik.lambda Man page
.proflik.main Man page
.proflik.nug Man page
.proflik.phi Man page
.proflik.plot.aux1 Man page
rboxcox Man page
read.geodata Man page
rect.coords Man page
resid.likGRF Man page
residuals.likGRF Man page
.rfm.bin Man page
rinvchisq Man page
rMVnorm Man page
s100 Man page
s121 Man page
s256i Man page
sample.geodata Man page
sample.posterior Man page
sample.prior Man page
set.coords.lims Man page
sic Man page
SIC Man page
sic.100 Man page
sic.367 Man page
sic.all Man page
sic.borders Man page
sic.some Man page
soil250 Man page
soja98 Man page
.solve.geoR Man page
statistics.predictive Man page
subarea Man page
subset.geodata Man page
summary.eyefit Man page
summary.geodata Man page
summary.likGRF Man page
summary.variofit Man page
summary.xvalid Man page
tce Man page
trend.spatial Man page
varcovBGCCM Man page
varcov.spatial Man page
variofit Man page
variog Man page
variog4 Man page Man page
variog.model.env Man page
wlsfit Man page
wo Man page
wolf Man page
wolfcamp Man page
wrappers Man page
wrc Man page
xvalid Man page
zoom.coords Man page
zoom.coords.default Man page
zoom.coords.geodata Man page


geoR/R/variofit.R geoR/R/ksline.R geoR/R/bivar.R geoR/R/geoRdefunct.R geoR/R/geoRmisc.R geoR/R/geobayes.R geoR/R/corcov.R geoR/R/eyefit.R geoR/R/variogram.R geoR/R/xvalid.R geoR/R/geodata.R geoR/R/profiles.R geoR/R/simul.R geoR/R/auxiliar.R geoR/R/likGRF.R geoR/R/krweights.R geoR/R/Cwrappers.R geoR/R/kriging.R geoR/R/zzz.R geoR/R/boxcox.R
geoR/man/nearloc.Rd geoR/man/coords.aniso.Rd geoR/man/wo.Rd geoR/man/matern.Rd geoR/man/geoR-internal.Rd geoR/man/proflik.Rd geoR/man/plot.xvalid.Rd geoR/man/names.geodata.Rd geoR/man/summary.likGRF.Rd geoR/man/head.Rd geoR/man/globalvar.Rd geoR/man/lines.variogram.envelope.Rd geoR/man/tce.Rd geoR/man/soja98.Rd geoR/man/nlmP.Rd geoR/man/krige.conv.Rd geoR/man/print.BGCCM.Rd geoR/man/boxcoxfit.Rd geoR/man/krweights.Rd geoR/man/grf.Rd geoR/man/image.krige.bayes.Rd geoR/man/hist.krige.bayes.Rd geoR/man/s100.Rd geoR/man/lines.variomodel.variofit.Rd geoR/man/ca20.Rd geoR/man/plot.geodata.Rd geoR/man/as.geodata.Rd geoR/man/xvalid.Rd geoR/man/likfit.Rd geoR/man/hoef.Rd geoR/man/variofit.Rd geoR/man/wolfcamp.Rd geoR/man/cov.spatial.Rd geoR/man/output.control.Rd geoR/man/InvChisquare.Rd geoR/man/kattegat.Rd geoR/man/gambia.Rd geoR/man/lines.variomodel.Rd geoR/man/boxcox.geodata.Rd geoR/man/summary.variofit.Rd geoR/man/plot.grf.Rd geoR/man/variog.model.env.Rd geoR/man/plot.krige.bayes.Rd geoR/man/sample.prior.Rd geoR/man/set.coords.lims.Rd geoR/man/parana.Rd geoR/man/varcov.spatial.Rd geoR/man/sample.geodata.Rd geoR/man/BoxCox.Rd geoR/man/dup.coords.Rd geoR/man/subset.geodata.Rd geoR/man/elevation.Rd geoR/man/read.geodata.Rd geoR/man/lines.krige.bayes.Rd geoR/man/polygrid.Rd geoR/man/pred_grid.Rd geoR/man/soil250.Rd geoR/man/camg.Rd geoR/man/plot.proflik.Rd geoR/man/variog.Rd geoR/man/krige.bayes.Rd geoR/man/practicalRange.Rd geoR/man/predict.BGCCM.Rd geoR/man/lines.variogram.Rd geoR/man/image.grf.Rd geoR/man/subarea.Rd geoR/man/wrappers.Rd geoR/man/coords2coords.Rd geoR/man/ksline.Rd geoR/man/lines.variomodel.likGRF.Rd geoR/man/varcovBGCCM.Rd geoR/man/trend.spatial.Rd geoR/man/plot.variog4.Rd geoR/man/statistics.predictive.Rd geoR/man/lines.variomodel.grf.Rd geoR/man/SIC.Rd geoR/man/ geoR/man/sample.posterior.Rd geoR/man/likfitBGCCM.Rd geoR/man/pars.limits.Rd geoR/man/points.geodata.Rd geoR/man/s256i.Rd geoR/man/Ksat.Rd geoR/man/loglik.GRF.Rd geoR/man/wrc.Rd geoR/man/isaaks.Rd geoR/man/locations.inside.Rd geoR/man/summary.geodata.Rd geoR/man/geoR-defunct.Rd geoR/man/image.kriging.Rd geoR/man/legend.krige.Rd geoR/man/jitterDupCoords.Rd geoR/man/variog4.Rd geoR/man/landim1.Rd geoR/man/plot.variogram.Rd geoR/man/eyefit.Rd

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