Man pages for geoR
Analysis of Geostatistical Data

as.geodataConverts an Object to the Class "geodata"
BoxCoxThe Box-Cox Transformed Normal Distribution
boxcoxfitParameter Estimation for the Box-Cox Transformation
boxcox.geodataBox-Cox transformation for geodata objects
ca20Calcium content in soil samples
camgCalcium and magnesium content in soil samples
coords2coordsOperations on Coordinates
coords.anisoGeometric Anisotropy Correction
cov.spatialComputes Value of the Covariance Function
dup.coordsLocates duplicated coordinates
elevationSurface Elevations
eyefitInteractive Variogram Estimation
gambiaGambia Malaria Data
geoR-defunctDefunct Functions in the Package geoR
geoR-internalgeoR internal functions
globalvarComputes global variance
grfSimulation of Gaussian Random Fields
headHead observations in a regional confined aquifer
hist.krige.bayesPlots Sample from Posterior Distributions
hoefData for spatial analysis of experiments
image.grfImage, Contour or Perspective Plot of Simulated Gaussian...
image.krige.bayesPlots Results of the Predictive Distribution
image.krigingImage or Perspective Plot with Kriging Results
InvChisquareThe (Scaled) Inverse Chi-Squared Distribution
isaaksData from Isaaks and Srisvastava's book
jitterDupCoordsJitters (duplicated) coordinates.
kattegatKattegat basin salinity data
krige.bayesBayesian Analysis for Gaussian Geostatistical Models
krige.convSpatial Prediction - Conventional Kriging
krweightsComputes kriging weights
KsatSaturated Hydraulic Conductivity
kslineSpatial Prediction - Conventional Kriging
landim1Data from Landim's book
legend.krigeAdd a legend to a image with kriging results
likfitLikelihood Based Parameter Estimation for Gaussian Random...
likfitBGCCMFits the bivariate Gaussian common component geostatistical...
lines.krige.bayesAdds a Bayesian Estimate of the Variogram to a Plot
lines.variogramLine with a Empirical Variogram
lines.variogram.envelopeAdds Envelopes Lines to a Variogram Plot
lines.variomodelAdds a Line with a Variogram Model to a Variogram Plot
lines.variomodel.grfLines with True Variogram for Simulated Data
lines.variomodel.likGRFAdds a Variogram Line to a Variogram Plot
lines.variomodel.variofitAdds a Line with a Fitted Variogram Model to a Variogram Plot
locations.insideSelect prediction locations inside borders
loglik.GRFLog-Likelihood for a Gaussian Random Field
maternComputer Values of the Matern Correlation Function
names.geodataLists names of the key elements of a geodata object
nearlocNear location to a point
nlmPAdapts nlm for Constraints in the Parameter Values
output.controlDefines output options for prediction functions
paranaRainfall Data from Parana State, Brasil
pars.limitsSet limits for the parameter values
plot.geodataExploratory Geostatistical Plots
plot.grfPlots Variograms for Simulated Data
plot.krige.bayesPlots Prior and/or Posterior Distributions
plot.proflikPlots Profile Likelihoods
plot.variog4Plot Directional Variograms
plot.variogramPlot Empirical Variogram
plot.xvalidPlot Cross-Validation Results
points.geodataPlots Spatial Locations and Data Values
polygridCoordinates of Points Inside a Polygon
practicalRangePratical range for correlation functions
pred_gridGenerates a 2D Prediction Grid
predict.BGCCMPrediction for the bivariate Gaussian common component...
print.BGCCMPrints an summary of of the output from likfitBGCCM.
proflikComputes Profile Likelihoods
read.geodataReads and Converts Data to geoR Format
s100Simulated Data-Sets which Illustrate the Usage of the Package...
s256iSimulated Data-Set which Illustrate the Usage of krige.bayes
sample.geodataSampling from geodata objects
sample.posteriorSamples from the posterior distribution
sample.priorSample the prior distribution
set.coords.limsSets Limits to Scale Plots
SICSpatial Interpolation Comparison data
soil250Soil chemistry properties data set
soja98Soya bean production and other variables in a uniformity...
statistics.predictiveSummary statistics from predictive distributions
subareaSelects a Subarea from a Geodata Object
subset.geodataMethod for subsetting geodata objects
summary.geodataSummaries for geodata object
summary.likGRFSummarizes Parameter Estimation Results for Gaussian Random...
summary.variofitSummarize Results of Variogram Estimation
tceTCE concentrations in groundwater in a vertical cross section
trend.spatialBuilds the Trend Matrix
varcovBGCCMCovariance matrix for the bivariate Gaussian common component...
varcov.spatialComputes Covariance Matrix and Related Results
variofitVariogram Based Parameter Estimation
variogCompute Empirical Variograms
variog4Computes Directional Variograms for Empirical Variograms Based on Permutation
variog.model.envEnvelops for Empirical Variograms Based on Model Parameters
woKriging example data from Webster and Oliver
wolfcampWolfcamp Aquifer Data
wrappersWrappers for the C functions used in geoR
wrcPoints of a water retention curve data set
xvalidCross-validation by kriging
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