parana: Rainfall Data from Parana State, Brasil

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This data-set was used by Diggle and Ribeiro (2001) to illustrate the methods discussed in the paper. The data reported analysis was carried out using the package geoR.

The data refers to average rainfall over different years for the period May-June (dry-season). It was collected at 143 recording stations throughout Parana State, Brasil.




The object parana of the class geodata, which is a list containing the following components:


a matrix with the coordinates of the recording stations.


a vector with the average recorded rainfall for the May-June period.


a matrix with the coordinates defining the borders of Parana state.


a matrix with the coordinates of the four prediction locations discussed in the paper.


The data were collected at several recording stations at Parana State, Brasil, belonging to the following companies: COPEL, IAPAR, DNAEE, SUREHMA and INEMET.

The data base was organized by Laura Regina Bernardes Kiihl (IAPAR, Instituto Agronomico do Parana, Londrina, Brasil) and the fraction of the data included in this data-set was provided by Jacinta Loudovico Zamboti (Universidade Estadual de Londrina, Brasil). The coordinates of the borders of Parana State were provided by Joao Henrique Caviglione (IAPAR).


Diggle, P.J. \& Ribeiro Jr, P.J. (2002) Bayesian inference in Gaussian model-based geostatistics. Geographical and Environmental Modelling, Vol. 6, No. 2, 129-146.



Example output

 Analysis of Geostatistical Data
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Warning message:
no DISPLAY variable so Tk is not available 
Number of data points: 143 

Coordinates summary
        east    north
min 150.1220  70.3600
max 768.5087 461.9681

Distance summary
     min      max 
  1.0000 619.4925 

Borders summary
        east    north
min 137.9873  46.7695
max 798.6256 507.9295

Data summary
    Min.  1st Qu.   Median     Mean  3rd Qu.     Max. 
162.7700 234.1900 269.9200 274.4106 318.2300 413.7000 

Other elements in the geodata object
[1] "loci.paper"

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