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Functions for downloading of geographic data for use in spatial analysis and mapping. The package facilitates access to climate, crops, elevation, land use, soil, species occurrence, accessibility, administrative boundaries and other data.

Function Description
bio_oracle Marine data from bio-oracle
cmip6_world Downscaled and calibrated CMIP6 projected future climate data
cmip6_tile Downscaled and calibrated CMIP6 data by tile
country_codes Country codes
crop_calendar_sacks Sachs crop calendar data
crop_monfreda Monfreda crop data (area, yield)
crop_spam SPAM crop data (area, yield, value)
cropland Cropland density for the world from three sources
elevation_3s Elevation data for tile (3 seconds resolution)
elevation_30s Elevation data for by country (30 seconds resolution)
elevation_global Global elevation data (various resolutions)
gadm Administrative boundaries for any country in the world
world Boundaries for the countries in the world
landcover Global landcover data
footprint Human footprint data
osm OpenStreetMap data by country
population Download population density data
soil_af Chemical and physical soil properties data for Africa for different soil depths
soil_af_water Physical soil properties for Africa for water balance computations
soil_af_elements Soil element concentration data for Africa
soil_af_isda Soil data for Africa derived from the iDSA data set
soil_world_vsi Virtually connect to the global soilgrids data
soil_world Global soils data
sp_occurrence Species occurrence data from the Global Biodiversity Information Facility
travel_time Travel time to cities and ports
worldclim_global Global climate data
worldclim_country Climate data by country
worldclim_tile Climate data by tile

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