soil_af_isda: iSDA soil data for Africa

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iSDA soil data for Africa


Download soil data for Africa derived from the iDSA data set. The original data were aligned and aggregated to 30 arc-seconds (about 1 km2). The original spatial resolution was 30m.

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soil_af_isda(var, depth=20, error=FALSE, path, virtual=FALSE, ...) 



character. The variables name, one of: "Al", "bdr", "clay", "C.tot", "Ca", "db.od", "eCEC.f", "Fe", "K", "Mg", "N.tot", "oc", "P", "pH.H2O", "sand", "silt", "S", "texture", "wpg2", "Zn".see Details


numeric. One of 20 (for 0-20 cm) and 50 (for 20-50 cm). Ignored if var="bdr" for which the depth is always 0-200 cm


logical. If TRUE the error estimates are returned


character. Path for storing the downloaded data. See geodata_path


logical. If TRUE a virtual connection to the file is returned. This is useful if you want to extract a small area without downloading the entire raster


additional arguments passed to download.file


var description unit
Al extractable aluminum mg kg-1
bdr bed rock depth cm
clay clay content %
C.tot total carbon kg-1
Ca extractable calcium mg kg-1
db.od bulk density kg m-3
eCEC.f effective cation exchange capacity cmol(+) kg-1
Fe extractable iron mg kg-1
K extractable potassium mg kg-1
Mg extractable magnesium mg kg-1
N.tot total organic nitrogen g kg-1
OC Organic Carbon g kg-1
P Phosphorus content mg kg-1
pH.H2O pH (H2O) -
sand Sand content %
silt Silt content %
S Extractable sulfer mg kg-1
texture texture class -
wpg2 stone content %
Zn Extractable zinc mg kg-1




Tomislav Hengl, Matthew A. E. Miller, Josip Križan, Keith D. Shepherd, Andrew Sila, Milan Kilibarda, Ognjen Antonijevic, Luka Glušica, Achim Dobermann, Stephan M. Haefele, Steve P. McGrath, Gifty E. Acquah, Jamie Collinson, Leandro Parente, Mohammadreza Sheykhmousa, Kazuki Saito, Jean-Martial Johnson, Jordan Chamberlin, Francis B. T. Silatsa, Martin Yemefack, John Wendt, Robert A. MacMillan, Ichsani Wheeler & Jonathan Crouch, 2021. African soil properties and nutrients mapped at 30 m spatial resolution using two-scale ensemble machine learning. Scientific Reports 11: 6130.

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afph <- soil_af_isda("ph.h2o", path=tempdir(), quiet=TRUE)

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