geophys: Geophysics, Continuum Mechanics, Mogi Models, Gravity

Codes for analyzing various problems of Geophysics, Continuum Mechanics and Mogi Models.

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AuthorJonathan M. Lees
Date of publication2017-03-13 19:25:41
MaintainerJonathan M. Lees <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

annotatebox: Annotate Box

annotateplane: Annotate Plane Vector Cross Product

BMOD: Plot block model for gravity

centroid: centroid

desh: Display Mesh

DGzx: Gravity anomaly in 2.5D

dircheck: Check direction of polygon

DO.DYKE: Heat for Dyke Intrusion

dofry: Fry Estimation

DO.HALFSPACE: Heat Equation in Halfspace

DoMohr: Mohr's Circle

DoMohrFig1: Annotated Stress Tensor

draw.brachiopod: Draw Brachiopod

elipfit: Least Squares Ellipse

erf: Error Function

flipZEE: Flip Z direction

geophys-package: Geophysics

get.brachiopod: Brachiopod icon

get.heat2: Heat Equation Solution

Glines: Igneous Petrology Lines

heat.sol: Heat Equation Solution

labelLine: Label a Line Segment

lipper: Ellipse calculator

Maxstress: Maximum Stress

ModelG: Interactive 2.5D Gravity Modeling

mogi1: Mogi's model

mogiM: Mogi MOdel

mohrleg: Legend for Mohr

NinePointCircle: Nine Point Circle

NORMvec: Plot Normal Vector

okada85: Okada Fault Deformation Model

perpproj: Perpendicular Projection

PLOTbox: Plot 3D box

plotfry: Plot Fry Output

PLOTplane: Plot Plane on box

points2line: Points to Line

PolarDecomp: Polar Decomposition

PPoints: Igneous Petrology Points

pstart: Start an empty plot

PXY: Deformation of a volcano

randFRY: Random data for Fry analysis

randpoles: Random Poles

REplane: Replot plane

rev2RH: Reverse to Right Hand

rot2Zplane: Rotate to Z-plane

Sect2vex: Intersect 2 Vectors

setSTRESS: Set Stress Tensor

Showfry: Show Fry Diagrams

stress: Stress Box

stressSETUP: Setup Stress Box

tauline: Shear Stress along Line

TriangleCenter: Triangle Center

TriangleInfo: Triangle Information

vecproj: Vector Projection

vlength: vector length

xtractlip: Extract Convex Hull Ellipse from fry


annotatebox Man page
annotateplane Man page Man page
BMOD Man page
centroid Man page
desh Man page
DGzx Man page
dircheck Man page
DO.DYKE Man page
dofry Man page
DoMohr Man page
DoMohrFig1 Man page
draw.brachiopod Man page
elipfit Man page
erf Man page
erfc Man page
erfinv Man page
flipZEE Man page
geophys Man page
geophys-package Man page
get.brachiopod Man page
get.heat Man page
get.heat2 Man page
Glines Man page
heat.sol Man page
labelLine Man page
lipper Man page
Maxstress Man page
ModelG Man page
mogi1 Man page
mogiM Man page
mohrleg Man page
NinePointCircle Man page
NORMvec Man page
okada85 Man page
perpproj Man page
philpotts.erf Man page
PLOTbox Man page
plotfry Man page
PLOTplane Man page
pointproj Man page
points2line Man page
PolarDecomp Man page
PPoints Man page
pstart Man page
PXY Man page
randFRY Man page
randpoles Man page
REplane Man page
rev2RH Man page
rot2Zplane Man page
Sect2vex Man page
setSTRESS Man page
Showfry Man page
stress Man page
stressSETUP Man page
tauline Man page
tauplane Man page
TriangleCenter Man page
TriangleInfo Man page
vecproj Man page
vlength Man page
xtractlip Man page


R/ R/heat.sol.R R/stress.R R/okada85.R R/NinePointCircle.R R/plotfry.R R/points2line.R R/DoMohr.R R/REplane.R R/PolarDecomp.R R/stressSETUP.R R/rot2Zplane.R R/pstart.R R/DO.HALFSPACE.R R/DoMohrFig1.R R/dofry.R R/get.brachiopod.R R/mogiM.R R/annotatebox.R R/erfinv.R R/desh.R R/DO.DYKE.R R/tauplane.R R/draw.brachiopod.R R/randFRY.R R/Sect2vex.R R/mogi1.R R/elipfit.R R/BMOD.R R/DGzx.R R/TriangleCenter.R R/NORMvec.R R/annotateplane.R R/gravsub.R R/philpotts.erf.R R/TriangleInfo.R R/mohrleg.R R/PLOTbox.R R/xtractlip.R R/PLOTplane.R R/get.heat.R R/vlength.R R/erfc.R R/randpoles.R R/Showfry.R R/ModelG.R R/setSTRESS.R R/tauline.R R/get.heat2.R R/lipper.R R/labelLine.R R/erf.R R/pointproj.R R/vecproj.R R/Maxstress.R R/perpproj.R
man/flipZEE.Rd man/get.heat2.Rd man/stress.Rd man/dofry.Rd man/mogi1.Rd man/setSTRESS.Rd man/tauline.Rd man/DO.HALFSPACE.Rd man/Maxstress.Rd man/ man/perpproj.Rd man/DO.DYKE.Rd man/okada85.Rd man/labelLine.Rd man/BMOD.Rd man/DoMohr.Rd man/points2line.Rd man/elipfit.Rd man/mogiM.Rd man/get.brachiopod.Rd man/PolarDecomp.Rd man/Glines.Rd man/PPoints.Rd man/pstart.Rd man/plotfry.Rd man/ModelG.Rd man/heat.sol.Rd man/annotateplane.Rd man/draw.brachiopod.Rd man/annotatebox.Rd man/mohrleg.Rd man/randFRY.Rd man/REplane.Rd man/Sect2vex.Rd man/PLOTplane.Rd man/TriangleCenter.Rd man/NORMvec.Rd man/DoMohrFig1.Rd man/stressSETUP.Rd man/randpoles.Rd man/DGzx.Rd man/xtractlip.Rd man/rot2Zplane.Rd man/geophys-package.Rd man/NinePointCircle.Rd man/TriangleInfo.Rd man/Showfry.Rd man/PLOTbox.Rd man/vecproj.Rd man/lipper.Rd man/rev2RH.Rd man/vlength.Rd man/erf.Rd man/dircheck.Rd man/centroid.Rd man/PXY.Rd man/desh.Rd

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