Man pages for geophys
Geophysics, Continuum Mechanics, Gravity Modeling

annotateboxAnnotate Box
annotateplaneAnnotate Plane
AXB.prodVector Cross Product
BMODPlot block model for gravity
deshDisplay Mesh
DGzxGravity anomaly in 2.5D
dircheckCheck direction of polygon
DO.DYKEHeat for Dyke Intrusion
dofryFry Estimation
DO.HALFSPACEHeat Equation in Halfspace
DoMohrMohr's Circle
DoMohrFig1Annotated Stress Tensor
draw.brachiopodDraw Brachiopod
elipfitLeast Squares Ellipse
erfError Function
flipZEEFlip Z direction
get.brachiopodBrachiopod icon
get.heat2Heat Equation Solution
GlinesIgneous Petrology Lines
heat.solHeat Equation Solution
labelLineLabel a Line Segment
lipperEllipse calculator
MaxstressMaximum Stress
ModelGInteractive 2.5D Gravity Modeling
mogi1Mogi's model
mogiMMogi Model
mohrlegLegend for Mohr
NinePointCircleNine Point Circle
NORMvecPlot Normal Vector
okada85Okada Fault Deformation Model
perpprojPerpendicular Projection
PLOTboxPlot 3D box
plotfryPlot Fry Output
PLOTplanePlot Plane on box
points2linePoints to Line
PolarDecompPolar Decomposition
PPointsIgneous Petrology Points
pstartStart an empty plot
PXYDeformation of a volcano
randFRYRandom data for Fry analysis
randpolesRandom Poles
REplaneReplot plane
rev2RHReverse to Right Hand
rot2ZplaneRotate to Z-plane
Sect2vexIntersect 2 Vectors
setSTRESSSet Stress Tensor
ShowfryShow Fry Diagrams
stressStress Box
stressSETUPSetup Stress Box
taulineShear Stress along Line
TriangleCenterTriangle Center
TriangleInfoTriangle Information
vecprojVector Projection
vlengthvector length
xtractlipExtract Convex Hull Ellipse from fry
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