API for geostatsp
Geostatistical Modelling with Likelihood and Bayes

Global functions
AIC.lgm Source code
NNmat Man page Source code
NNmat.Raster Man page Source code
NNmat.default Man page Source code
RFsimulate Man page Man page
RFsimulate,ANY,Raster-method Man page
RFsimulate,RMmodel,GridTopology-method Man page
RFsimulate,RMmodel,SpatialPoints-method Man page
RFsimulate,data.frame,ANY-method Man page
RFsimulate,matrix,Raster-method Man page
RFsimulate,matrix,Spatial-method Man page
RFsimulate,numeric,GridTopology-method Man page
RFsimulate,numeric,SpatialGrid-method Man page
RFsimulate,numeric,SpatialPixels-method Man page
RFsimulate,numeric,SpatialPoints-method Man page
RFsimulate-methods Man page
RFsimulate.SPgrid Source code
asImRaster Man page Source code
cellsBuffer Source code
compareCRS Source code
conditionalGmrf Man page Source code
elevationLoa Man page
eviLoa Man page
excFunQQ Source code
excProb Man page Source code
fillParam Source code
forBoxCox Source code
gambiaUTM Man page
getPrec Source code
glgm Man page
glgm,NULL,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
glgm,character,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
glgm,formula,ANY,numeric,ANY-method Man page
glgm,formula,Raster,Raster,ANY-method Man page
glgm,formula,Spatial,Raster,ANY-method Man page
glgm,formula,data.frame,Raster,data.frame-method Man page
glgm,numeric,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
glgm-methods Man page
gm.dataRaster Source code
gm.dataSpatial Source code
grfConditional Source code
informationLgm Man page Source code
inla.models Man page Source code
krigeLgm Man page Source code
lcOneRow Source code
lgcp Man page Source code
lgm Man page
lgm,character,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
lgm,formula,Raster,ANY,ANY-method Man page
lgm,formula,Spatial,Raster,Raster-method Man page
lgm,formula,Spatial,Raster,data.frame-method Man page
lgm,formula,Spatial,Raster,list-method Man page
lgm,formula,Spatial,Raster,missingOrNULL-method Man page
lgm,formula,Spatial,numeric,ANY-method Man page
lgm,formula,data.frame,Raster,data.frame-method Man page
lgm,missingOrNULL,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
lgm,numeric,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
lgm-methods Man page
likfitLgm Man page Source code
loaloa Man page
logLbc Source code
logLik.lgm Source code
loglikGmrf Source code
loglikGmrfOneRange Source code
loglikLgm Man page Source code
ltLoa Man page
matern Man page Source code
matern.Raster Man page Source code
matern.SpatialPoints Man page
matern.SpatialPointsDataFrame Man page
matern.SpatialPointsDataFrameXX Source code
matern.SpatialPointsXX Source code
matern.default Man page Source code
matern.dist Man page Source code
matern.dsyMatrix Source code
maternCholSolve Source code
maternGmrfPrec Man page Source code
maternGmrfPrec.default Man page Source code
maternGmrfPrec.dgCMatrix Man page Source code
meanBoxCox Source code
modelRandomFields Man page Source code
murder Man page
nnIndices Source code
optBoxCox Source code
profLlgm Man page Source code
rongelapUTM Man page
simLgcp Man page Source code
simPoissonPP Man page Source code
spatialRoc Man page Source code
spatialRocPolyTemplate Source code
spatialRocRasterTemplate Source code
spatialRocSims Source code
spdfToBrick Man page Source code
squareRaster Man page Source code
squareRaster.BasicRaster Man page
squareRaster.Extent Man page Source code
squareRaster.RasterLayer Man page
squareRaster.SpatialPoints Man page
squareRaster.SpatialPointsDataFrame Man page
squareRaster.SpatialPolygons Man page
squareRaster.SpatialPolygonsDataFrame Man page
squareRaster.matrix Man page Source code
stackRasterList Man page Source code
summary.lgm Source code
summaryGmrfFit Source code
summaryGmrfFit.array Source code
summaryGmrfFit.matrix Source code
swissAltitude Man page
swissBorder Man page
swissLandType Man page
swissNN Man page
swissRain Man page
swissRainR Man page
tempLoa Man page
torontoBorder Man page
torontoIncome Man page
torontoNight Man page
torontoPdens Man page
useRandomFields Source code
varOneCell Source code
variog Man page Source code
variog.SpatialPointsDataFrame Man page Source code
variog.default Man page Source code
variogMcEnv Man page Source code
variogMcEnv.SpatialPointsDataFrame Man page Source code
variogMcEnv.default Man page Source code
wheat Man page
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