Man pages for geostatsp
Geostatistical Modelling with Likelihood and Bayes

conditionalGmrfConditional distribution of GMRF
excProbExceedance probabilities
gambiaUTMGambia data
glgmGeneralized Linear Geostatistical Models
inla.modelsValid models in INLA
krigeSpatial prediction, or Kriging
lgmLinear Geostatistical Models
likfitLgmLikelihood Based Parameter Estimation for Gaussian Random...
loaloaLoaloa prevalence data from 197 village surveys
maternEvaluate the Matern correlation function
maternGmrfPrecPrecision matrix for a Matern spatial correlation
murderMurder locations
pcPriorRangePC prior for range parameter
postExpExponentiate posterior quantiles
profLlgmJoint confidence regions
RFsimulateSimulation of Random Fields
rongelapUTMRongelap data
simLgcpSimulate a log-Gaussian Cox process
spatialRocSensitivity and specificity
squareRasterCreate a raster with square cells
stackRasterListConverts a list of rasters, possibly with different...
swissRainSwiss rainfall data
swissRainRRaster of Swiss rain data
variogCompute Empirical Variograms and Permutation Envelopes
wheatMercer and Hall wheat yield data
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