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Rongelap data


This data-set was used by Diggle, Tawn and Moyeed (1998) to illustrate the model-based geostatistical methodology introduced in the paper. discussed in the paper. The radionuclide concentration data set consists of measurements of \gamma-ray counts at 157 locations.




A SpatVector, with columns count being the radiation count and time being the length of time the measurement was taken for. A UTM coordinate reference system is used, where coordinates are in metres.

Source For further details on the radionuclide concentration data, see Diggle,Harper and Simon (1997), Diggle, Tawn and Moyeed (1998) and Christensen (2004).


Christensen, O. F. (2004). Monte Carlo maximum likelihood in model-based geostatistics. Journal of computational and graphical statistics 13 702-718.

Diggle, P. J., Harper, L. and Simon, S. L. (1997). Geostatistical analysis of residual contamination from nuclea testing. In: Statistics for the environment 3: pollution assesment and control (eds. V. Barnet and K. F. Turkmann), Wiley, Chichester, 89-107.

Diggle, P. J., Tawn, J. A. and Moyeed, R. A. (1998). Model-based geostatistics (with Discussion). Applied Statistics, 47, 299–350.


rongelapUTM = unwrap(rongelapUTM)
plot(rongelapUTM, main="Rongelap island")

if(require('mapmisc')) {

  bgMap = openmap(rongelapUTM, buffer=200)
  scaleBar(rongelapUTM, 'left')


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