Man pages for germinationmetrics
Seed Germination Indices and Curve Fitting

CUGermCoefficient of uniformity of germination
EmergenceRateIndexEmergence Rate Index or Germination Rate Index
FirstGermTimeTime for first, last and peak germination
FourPHFfitFit four-parameter hill function
FourPHFfit.bulkFit four-parameter hill function for multiple samples
gcdataGermination count data
germination.indicesGermination Indices
GermIndexGermination Index
GermPercentGermination percentage
GermSpeedSpeed of germination
GermSynchronySynchrony and uncertainty of germination
GermValuePeak value and germination value
MeanGermPercentMean germination percentage and number of seeds per time...
MeanGermRateGermination rate
MeanGermTimeGermination time
plot.FourPHFfitPlot the four-parameter hill function fitted cumulative...
plot.FourPHFfit.bulkPlot the multiple four-parameter hill function fitted...
t50Median germination time
TimsonsIndexTimson's index
WeightGermPercentWeighted germination percentage
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